10 Things I Don’t Do In Our Home to Keep Sane

I remember when I first started this homemaking journey thing back when it was just me and the hubby and I thought this is a piece of cake I’ve got this down. ...

7 Habits of an Effective Homemaker

  One day I was walking around our house, dazed and frustrated as I went from room to room–I wondered how did we get here? How in the world did ...

Creative Gift Idea for Your Dog

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ThrowBarkDogChow #CollectiveBias I’m sure most pet owners or want to be pet owners have ...

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20 Fun Things Moms Can Do Alone

As mothers we have all day dreamed of having a few hours to ourselves. When our family life is overwhelming and I can’t keep up with the chaos, throw up, errands and bake sales– I simply dream of having a few hours to myself. Nothing grand like a weekend getaway, simply a few hours, to […]

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How to Throw a Fun Family Friendly Halloween Party

  Y’all it’s that time of the year-fall fun!!!  Just the other day my son came home and said his friends were talking about our Halloween party and I looked at him puzzled because I’ve yet to send invites to anyone about a party but apparently everyone is enjoys it and expects it! For those […]

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DIY Dog Treat Jar

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ThrowItBarkDogChow #CollectiveBias All of my childhood me and my siblings begged our parents for a dog. My father acquiesced but my mother was another story.  For years, she had one excuse after another of why we couldn’t have a […]

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What I Want My Multicultural Kids to Know About Skin Color

We were gathered around the family table when my middle child nonchalantly said, “I’m more like daddy?” I wondered what he meant so I asked curiously, “In what way are you more like daddy?” He replied by showing me the color of his skin and putting it against mind then he said, “I’m white like […]

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Key to Planning a Successful Day

I have tried so many things in the past 5 years that I have been a work from home mom and pretty much all my life. My problem is I’m a procrastinator at heart, I hate routine but I also need routine, I am spontaneous and I struggle with following rules. A schedule translates to […]

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Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Muffins

My boys are in baseball this fall, so this morning I debated about buying something or making some muffins. I was going to buy hostess cupcakes but I was afraid a parent might get upset with all that sugar. I’m in charge of organizing snack so I figured I probably shouldn’t start the season off […]

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In 3 Simple Steps Create Your Family Mission Statement

  Years ago, I wrote grants and proposals for my non-profit organization and the most often asked questions were–What is your vision? What are you objectives? What is your plan of action? Thanks to my dad who was always grilling me with these kinds of questions as a child I learned to think this way. I […]

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21 Days of Discovering the Heartbeat of Our Home

Not everything involved in cultivating a home is obvious that’s what I realized early on in our marriage and I still struggle with it now. I longed for a manual as I racked my brain trying to remember the wonderful things my mother did. She was a dedicated mom and wife so I tried to think […]

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No Hablo Español Generation & Spanish Language Activities for Kids

  When I was younger I took for granted all of the amazing things our culture had to offer because I was so busy trying to fit in with the rest. I’m ashamed to say I was a part of the  “No Hablo Español Generation”.  I’m not sure if that’s really a thing but I know […]

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No Fail Gluten Free Crepes

So I’ve been on a mission for a year now trying to find the perfectly thin gluten free crepe recipe. I took a break after many failed attempts and disgusting results which I ate. Or I should say forced myself to eat because I can’t bear the thought of being wasteful with food. Well, in […]

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Intentional Parenting is Not Easy But It’s Worth It

I just spent close to an hour helping my kids figure out their allowance into their Save. Spend. Give. Jars. Our conversation went something like this. Well, it was mostly me asking questions. “How much did you deposit? Is it withdrawing money when you are putting money in? What do I owe you if I’ve […]

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Across Latin America

Hispanic Heritage Month is a wonderful time that Latinos unite in spirit across the globe to honor our traditions, our heroes, our culture and our roots. This multicultural quilt of colors, languages, flavors and sounds are what making our Latino community so rich.  Let’s celebrate! So to celebrate, join us as we virtually travel through […]

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Dulce de Leche S’mores Popcorn Balls

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Nabisco and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. My life as a Latina, raised in the U.S. is all about mixing the best of the both worlds.  Often I find myself doing this with food! I’ll take a good ol’ favorite U.S. recipe and add some Latin spice to it. […]

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Spiraled Greek Salad

Sharing food with friends, family and even strangers is something our whole family enjoys doing. I love potlucks but sometimes the food options are not always healthy so I have been trying to take a nutritious dish to these types of gatherings. Recently we’ve been going to quite a few so I’ve been known to […]

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What I Learned About Simplicity at a Farm

I’m one of those people who dream about living on acres and acres of farmland filled with crops, gardens, cows, horses and chickens but then I wake up to reality. I can’t grow simple herbs in a pot and my stomach feels nauseous when we drive past farm animals. Well, regardless a girl can dream. This […]

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Amazing Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Oh my word, banana bread is the best kind of recycling! Well, it’s not really recycling but it’s the same kind of idea of using old (bananas) to make something new (amazingly delicious banana bread)!  With summer in tow I completely lost touch of banana bread baking. I’ve experimented with many flavors: Dulce de Leche […]

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Our Lunch Packing Routine That Changed Our Life

Anyone else looking through Pinterest for lunch ideas? I have been pinning like a mad woman since our kids are starting school next week and it helps them when I have a list of ideas for them to choose from when THEY make their own lunch.  Yes, your kids can make their own lunch. Moms, […]

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16 Best Latino Children’s Books on Hispanic Heroes

One of the most asked questions I get as a Latina blogger is what are my recommendations for Hispanic Heritage Children’s books. I finally decided to put together on some of the best Latino Children’s books on Hispanic Heroes. These books can be added to your home library or at school, it’s a great resource. […]

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