The Expat Life: The Star Spangled Banner Song Made Me Cry

The Expat Life: The Star Spangled Banner Song Made Me Cry We live the global nomad life. We decided a little over seven years ago to raise our children in ...

July 4th Dessert: Rice Krispie Star Wands

July 4th is upon us! But here in our neck of the woods, you wouldn’t even know it. There are no fireworks, no red, white and blue, no flags proudly waving in ...

Strawberry Watermelon Slushie

Summer fun is here! The kids have been playing outdoors all day, every day! That brings great joy to my heart. It also means, dirty, sweaty little faces constantly asking for some ...

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DIY Chalkboard Wooden Blocks City

My preschooler was looking over my shoulder while I was on Pinterest and he saw DIY Chalkboard blocks and says, “I want to make these.” My husband was out of town and I was parenting alone, need I say more. I was running late for a meeting, I hadn’t showered, I was up all night […]

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Making Mom Friends Can Be Hard

  Making Mom Friends Can Be Hard Can I get an amen to that! Before I became a mom I had no problem making friends. In fact, in my single years and prior to having children I had lots of mom friends but when I became a mom things changed drastically. But I wasn’t going to […]

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15 Things I Want My Kids to Remember About Me

Yes, I realize that my picture says 10 but the more I thought about it, the more things came to my mind. So let’s just say 10 + things because at this point I may keep adding to this list. At the beginning of the year our family has a family meeting of sorts, where […]

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Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie treats are one of my favorite ways to make a simple dessert–fun!  We’ve made watermelon shaped, ice cream cone shaped, soccer ball shaped and I just realize I don’t have a simple traditional recipe. Rice Krispie Treats ingredients: (makes a 9×15 pan) traditional recipe 30 normal size marshmallows 3 tablespoons of butter 6 […]

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Summer Notebook: Intentional but Flexible Summer

I really want to be intentional about the time I get with my kids in the summer. On the other hand, I also want them to have tons of free time where they can come up with their own magical summer, not me. We don’t plan on scheduling any team sport events, music classes or […]

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Piña Colada Green Smoothie

I am down 10 pounds since I first started getting serious about eating better.  At first it was two steps back and one step forward and though I’m in a better place now, I’m still in process. As a counselor, that’s one phrase that helps me get through the day–We are all in process.  As […]

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Donut You Know You’re the Best Dad! Free Printable

Donut You Know You’re the Best Dad! Free Printable This adorable printable will go great with your box of donuts for dad this Father’s day! If you’re not following us just subscribe to get ALL of our free printables!  We are using a new system for our subscribers so if you’ve already done it in the […]

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Traveling Adventures: Machu Picchu and Beyond with Kids

When I was a kid, I remember watching a spanish documentary type of series, which highlighted different parts of the world. Our whole family sat on the couch listening in a trance, to the heavenly windpipe music and mesmerized by the mystical beauty that lie within Machu Picchu. From that point on my mothers dream […]

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How We Started a Family Running Club

How We Started a Family Running Club I was my PE teacher’s worst nightmare, I’m not exaggerating. And when my parents “encouraged” me to run on Saturday mornings with them, I whined and cried the whole time. I hated running as a kid.  And unlike my husband, I am not built like a runner. But […]

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10 Family Biking Trip Tips

Are you looking for ways to get active this summer?  Biking is a fun way we discovered to not only be active but connect as a family. We started biking as a family when I had a 3 year old and a baby.  It was a wonderful way to bond and our baby loved getting […]

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Campfire Games & Activities

We are headed camping on July 4th so I’ve been collecting ideas. I thought I’d share with you, the games we’ve played for years around the campfire with family and friends. Campfire Games & Activities The Name Game  - This name game is not your typical name game so place close attention. Don’t worry it’s […]

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Our Life in Pictures

Well, this is only a small glimpse of our life here in Quito, Ecuador. We love the slow paced life here. We love that our boys still get to be kids without the societal pressure of growing up faster than they should. I regularly get to watch them play hide and seek, tag, pretend play […]

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Mini Reece’s Pieces Pies (Low Sugar, Gluten Free…)

I was craving something naughty but I wasn’t prepared to completely commit and splurge. I’m very familiar with the after thoughts of feeling guilty for the remainder of the day. Well, actually I’ve gotten better about enjoying food and sweets in small portions and making healthy choices. But now with there being a scale in my […]

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Macaroni and Cheeseburger Cups

Summer is here and for most of us this means we are cooking three meals a day for the family. So, I’m sure you’re trying  to come up with simple and good recipes to enjoy during lunch and that don’t require too much time or ingredients. This recipe is a fun twist to your traditional […]

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Recycled Box Stove Top

I couldn’t believe how much my son played with this homemade recycled box stove top.  I had to just sit their and laugh because this cost me nothing and my son played with it for over 30 minutes. It didn’t take much time to make it so even if your child tosses it after 10 […]

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Hug, Handshake or High Five

I remember my shy toddler telling me, “No kissing. I no kiss.” When we first arrived to South America he was only 14 months. We lived on the school campus so we were constantly around what he considered as strangers (for him anyone not in our family was a stranger). When greeted by our friends or co-workers […]

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Healthy Fun Snack for Kids: Dinosaur

This is a fun and healthy snack for kids when studying dinosaurs!  Or it goes along great with any of these dinosaur books I share here. Since we were starting school with my preschooler we made this snack together and read the book Dinosaur Starts School by Pamela Duncan Edwards.  We made the dinosaur together […]

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Kid Made Father’s Day Gift: Decorative Bowl

It’s time to celebrate our dads and the father of our children!  My boys love making things for us and though they aren’t always the most eye pleasing gift it always means a lot to us. My husband has his own office so we were looking for a something that he could put on his […]

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