Protein Snack Recipes to Get You Through the Day

Protein is what gives us that energy boost we need in the middle of the day, so it’s smart to snack on protein instead of high in content sugar snacks.  ...

Skinny Alfredo Sauce

  You’re not going to believe the secret ingredient in this healthy alfredo sauce?  It’s oh so good! I’ve been trying to make better eating choices but the temptation of thick ...

Quinoa Gorditas with Avocado Mango Salsa

Gorditas are a typical Mexican meal that remind me of my childhood!  My mom didn’t make them much but when she did we were always begging for more. It’s basically ...

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5 Important Phrases that Help Me Parent

Please know that all of my parenting articles on my blog are me writing from a place of “in process”.  I know a lot of times when we read blogs and the great advice that’s dished out, we may think–they have this thing down.  Maybe others do, but I don’t. The counselor in me, begs […]

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What My Toddler Thinks of Me {Mother’s Day Interview Printable}

Kids say the dardnest things! When my oldest son was 4, my husband interviewed him and asked him these questions concerning me. He was 4 at the time, I love his response to #2. I highly recommend you do this and keep it for you to read when they are older. It’s such a lovely […]

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Mother’s Day Gift Kids Can Make: You’re Toe-tally Awesome

Mother’s Day Gift Kids Can Make: Mom You’re Toe-tally Awesome! This is cute and simple and your kids can put it together for mom or grandma.  Just print out the cute printable below or make your own little sign and place the items in a cute bag and your set. No painting or messy finger […]

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Authentic Mexican White Rice

I thought every child ate amazing fluffy, moist and delicious rice like we did. Well, I quickly discovered the truth when I went to college and friends invited me over to their home for the holidays.  The first bite of traditional white rice cooked like they do in the n0n-Hispanic homes made me want to […]

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Cinco de Mayo Photo Props and Printable

We had our Cinco de Mayo fiesta this past weekend!  One of the fun things we had for guest was a sombrero and mustache photo props activity. As always, I like to take this day to share with others that Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s independence day, but it’s actually commemorating the victory between […]

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Moms Always Love

“In my experience, every good parent intuitively knows what is good and not good for his sons (daughters). The problem is, we ignore our intuitions and jump on the train loaded with mothers and fathers pushing their sons (daughters) to outshine the others. Get off of that train.” Moms Always Love You want to know the power […]

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Mother’s Day Dinner: Spaghetti with Spicy Tomato Sauce

“I’m upstairs crying…” was how I started my Facebook post.  I was having a hard week and I slept in, which for moms with little kids, this translates to– it was 7:15 a.m.  I heard my boys whispering and busily moving downstairs.  I lay in bed a bit longer since oddly enough no one was […]

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Things I Will Not Be Trying From Pinterest

Pinterest is chock full of awesome ideas but sometimes when you find yourself scrolling down picture after picture with your eyes glazed over, you stop at an image and think, SERIOUSLY.  These are some things that I will NOT be trying from Pinterest because the reality is “ain’t no body got time for that”. These […]

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Healthy Crepes (gluten free)

I bought another crate of strawberries, so I’ve been trying to come up with healthy ways to enjoy it for breakfast or dessert.  Of course, we’ve had our fill of eating them just as they are–which is the best way to eat them. Okay, so just to give you a heads up, these are similar […]

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Family Devotions: How We Made it Stick in the Busyness

We’ve tried so many things for our family devotions and when I say “many” I mean we tried it all. Well, not all, but I was a youth director and then a children’s director, so I had quite a few tricks up my sleeve. Things I wanted to try before we would give up. Some of […]

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How To Make Coconut Milk

I was NOT looking forward to making my own coconut milk because when I was a kid it was all but a fun experience.  I remember throwing it onto the concrete floor, what seemed like hundreds of times, but to no avail the coconut wouldn’t budge and it stayed intact. Fast forward 20 years later and […]

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Giving Them Space To Dream

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Honda and Latina Bloggers Connect. It started with their dream–give our children a better life. An education. A future beyond what they could ever imagine. They didn’t let fear of the unknown, the language barrier, the financial struggles,  the reality of leaving their loved ones behind, hold […]

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Preschooler Activity: Earth Day Alphabet Coloring Sheet

We are in review mode here at Tuten Boys Academy, so for the little guy we are going to add some Earth Day fun to his alphabet review.  If you haven’t checked out our other Earth Day Activities here’s what we have done: Recycle Item Scavenger Hunt at the park and they really loved this […]

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Earth Day Activity: Recycled Items Scavenger Hunt Printable

We are headed out to enjoy a beautiful Earth Day by cleaning up our park but I thought I’d share this with you before we left so you can also enjoy it.  I think it’s going to be a quick activity because my preschooler is dying to work on his Earth Day Alphabet Coloring Sheet.  He’s into coloring these […]

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Transform Your Marriage with These Two-Word Statements

Our marriage gets lost in the sea of daily life–a whining toddler, a tween who won’t take a bath and making sure your stunt man doesn’t fall out of the 12 ft high tree he’s decided to climb. Then there’s the overflowing basket of laundry and dishes, jeans to mend and meals to cook.  So, it only seems fair […]

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Earth Day Activity: Puffy Paint Recipe & Earth Art

I’ve yet to find affordable puffy paint for kids in our neck of the woods.  So, we decided to make our own and surprisingly enough it was easy to whip up and super cheap compared to buying it. Don’t you love those activities that work well with kids of all ages!   My toddler absolutely […]

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Refreshing Coconut Cucumber Limeade

Adding refreshing, healthy juice or smoothie drinks to your day doesn’t have to be an all or nothing type of thing.  I like to enjoy them at different times of the day. Sometimes I have one at breakfast but I usually have one as a midmorning or afternoon snack to get me through the day. […]

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Grilled Tilapia with Mango Avocado Salsa

Every time my kids eat tilapia it puts a huge smile on my face. It took them at least a year to enjoy it. I didn’t give up on serving it for dinner and eventually their taste buds adjusted.  I tried cooking it in a variety of ways but this recipe has gotten the most thumbs […]

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