3 Things That Keep Us Connected as a Couple

I won’t even pretend we have a perfect marriage because–we don’t. We love each other. We are committed to each other. But with all of this there’s that tiny detail ...

That Time I Let Them Be…

That Time I Let Them Be… I’m really good at letting them create and imagine but it has to be within my parameters and my comfort zone. I begin to ...

My Souls Cry to Create: DIY Painted Mug

It’s interesting what my heart and soul gravitates to when I’m searching for something more. When I’m seeking rest. When I’m needing to process. When I’ve found peace, love and ...

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Surviving a Road Trip with a Toddler: Tips and Activities

Our first road trip with our baby was absolutely awful.  Our mission: Drive through the night so that our baby could sleep pretty much throughout the whole trip. But the exact opposite happened–he cried through the night. We were moving, stressed and low on sleep, so you can imagine how awful this road trip was […]

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The Worst Way to Compliment Your Children

I’m taking this awesome class with my son to empower him and help him build healthy neural connections, it’s called Brain Highways.  One of the things the teacher said today, that really stood out to me was this (I’m paraphrasing): You need to end a positive, encouraging sentence with a period. Don’t add a “but” […]

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Summer Gratitude Journal

Complaining. Whining. Grouchiness. Entitlement. This can be so easy for our kids to get into when summer rolls around.  Going from one activity to the next, family trips, lessons… all these things are great but they are all about them. We just got back from a family trip to the Amazon jungle and one of my […]

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Giant Bubbles Recipe

Simple summer fun at your finest–Bubbles! If you’re ever feeling like you’ve lost the magic in your life and your childlike wonder–just make bubbles.  Seriously, bubbles are magical.  Next time you’re going from one mundane activity to the next and need a little magic pull out the bubbles and sit in awe. Okay, so I’m […]

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Panzanella Tuscan Salad

Who says you can’t create your own sunshine?  The skies are gray here, but I can definitely bring some cheer into our life by brightening up our dining room with a fun color tablecloth and a delicious Tuscan salad. Panzanella Tuscan salad is a rustic meal traditionally eaten in Italy with stale bread, fresh tomatoes, […]

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How We are Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

We had just arrived at our nice hotel in the Amazon jungle, a trip we’d enjoyed before but this time we were going to go deeper in and visit with the indigenous indians.  I was so excited because for years I’ve wanted to return, but either we had a baby and it’s not recommended to […]

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French Toast Fruit Kabobs

The other day I served up the boys french toast like this and they went wild.  They were amazed by my creativity–it doesn’t take much to amaze little ones. Or maybe they were just amazed that I made french toast, I usually don’t. These french toast kabobs are the perfect way to add a simple […]

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What Daughters Need to Hear From Dad

I am not sharing on behalf of my daughter or what I think my daughter wishes she got from her dad, because, for the simple fact, I don’t have a daughter. But I am a daughter myself. Though I have a house full of boys, young little men itching to leave their little boy shell […]

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Unplug and Go Camping

  I’m not going to give you 10 tips on why you should unplug and go camping. Instead, my hope is these pictures will lure you in and ignite in a deep sense of wonder from within that will give birth to a desire to create your own adventures with your little familia.  I was […]

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You Know You’re a Latina Mom If…

No matter what culture or race you relate to most, but as moms there are so many things that we do and feel, which transcend color and language. For the most part we all hurt when we see our kids hurt. We are beyond ourselves when our babies take their first step. We are filled […]

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DIY Chalkboard Wooden Blocks City

My preschooler was looking over my shoulder while I was on Pinterest and he saw DIY Chalkboard blocks and says, “I want to make these.” My husband was out of town and I was parenting alone, need I say more. I was running late for a meeting, I hadn’t showered, I was up all night […]

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Making Mom Friends Can Be Hard

  Making Mom Friends Can Be Hard Can I get an amen to that! Before I became a mom I had no problem making friends. In fact, in my single years and prior to having children I had lots of mom friends but when I became a mom things changed drastically. But I wasn’t going to […]

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15 Things I Want My Kids to Remember About Me

Yes, I realize that my picture says 10 but the more I thought about it, the more things came to my mind. So let’s just say 10 + things because at this point I may keep adding to this list. At the beginning of the year our family has a family meeting of sorts, where […]

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The Expat Life: The Star Spangled Banner Song Made Me Cry

The Expat Life: The Star Spangled Banner Song Made Me Cry We live the global nomad life. We decided a little over seven years ago to raise our children in another country. We love raising them in a slow-paced culture, where family is valued and an adventure is always awaiting (whether we are seeking it […]

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July 4th Dessert: Rice Krispie Star Wands

July 4th is upon us! But here in our neck of the woods, you wouldn’t even know it. There are no fireworks, no red, white and blue, no flags proudly waving in yards… nothing. Oh and my favorite, no parades to sit out on the curb of the street and watch as you keep cool with an ice cream cone […]

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Strawberry Watermelon Slushie

Summer fun is here! The kids have been playing outdoors all day, every day! That brings great joy to my heart. It also means, dirty, sweaty little faces constantly asking for some kind of frozen treat. I’ve been freezing yogurt and making yogurt pops for them.  It’s healthier than ice cream.  This slushie is also healthy with no […]

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Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie treats are one of my favorite ways to make a simple dessert–fun!  We’ve made watermelon shaped, ice cream cone shaped, soccer ball shaped and I just realize I don’t have a simple traditional recipe. Rice Krispie Treats ingredients: (makes a 9×15 pan) traditional recipe 30 normal size marshmallows 3 tablespoons of butter 6 […]

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Summer Notebook: Intentional but Flexible Summer

I really want to be intentional about the time I get with my kids in the summer. On the other hand, I also want them to have tons of free time where they can come up with their own magical summer, not me. We don’t plan on scheduling any team sport events, music classes or […]

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