Grilled Tilapia with Mango Avocado Salsa

Every time my kids eat tilapia it puts a huge smile on my face. It took them at least a year to enjoy it. I didn’t give up on serving ...

Traveling Adventures with the Familia: Xochimilco Mexico

Eat giant ants in the jungle of Ecuador.  Check. Eat grasshoppers in the land of my ancestors. Hmmm, not sure about this one. On my bucket list for our Mexico ...

Volcano Eruption Activity

Science. Party. Or just for fun. We’ve done it for all of the above reasons.  My son’s 6th birthday party was dinosaur themed so we erupted a volcano for one ...

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Refreshing Coconut Cucumber Limeade

Adding refreshing, healthy juice or smoothie drinks to your day doesn’t have to be an all or nothing type of thing.  I like to enjoy them at different times of the day. Sometimes I have one at breakfast but I usually have one as a midmorning or afternoon snack to get me through the day. […]

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Teaching Boys Table Manners

Can you please stop pointing your gun at me? (straw turned into a gun) Why is your face inside your bowl? Corn does not go inside your nose! Farting at the table is not okay. Why are your LEGO toys at the table again? Oh. my. word. You’d think they’d get the point after the […]

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Fruit Flower Pot Snack for Kids

Fruit Flower Pot Snack for Kids is the perfect spring or Earth day fun to enjoy with your kids.  No baking is required and it’s some what healthy. I made this snack to go with our Flowers & Seeds preschool unit go and check out all of the great ideas but you can make it any […]

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8 Ways to Thrive as a Homeschool Mom

So, just to be real, here you have it–I’m not always thriving.  Here’s a recent Facebook post I shared on my personal profile, just in case you don’t believe me. “Some days homeschooling depletes all of my patience. Me: “What’s 10-7?” My son: I don’t know. I respond: Son this is review, you know this. […]

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How To Dye White & Brown Easter Eggs

I’ve been dying eggs with food coloring for as long as I can remember.  I think I may have used the store packets once or twice in my whole entire life.  I shared here how to boil a perfect egg, so if you’re boiling and dyeing eggs, hop on over for my tips. Now as an […]

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How To Boil Eggs at High Altitude

After doing my “research”, I’ve discovered there are lots of ways to make the perfect boiled egg.  Here’s what I have found to work when boiling an egg at high altitude. Also, if you’re dyeing eggs for Easter I just shared how to dye white and brown eggs so hop on over and check that out. […]

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Because He Lives

The auditorium was dark, hot and surprisingly somewhat full.  I was just another grad student who had nothing to do on Friday night, so I went to the talent show. The first act was, well–just okay.  I debated for 10 minutes with leaving but then I heard Jerome would be singing.  I knew then, what […]

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Kid-Friendly April Fools Pranks

Last year, I got my kids and even my husband really good for April Fools Day.  I was so excited that I was able to pull off our Wacky Dinner and before the night was over I got my husband with #14 from below. Now I’m trying to figure out how to pull one over […]

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Ninja Party Fun: Decor, Games and Food

My son woke up this morning and jumped into my bed and with a big grin and said, “Guess what, it’s my birthday.”  I rolled over in a groggy state of mind and in my smoker (I don’t smoke) morning voice, I replied, “It’s your birthday party not your birthday we already celebrated that last […]

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Lemon Blueberry Breakfast Muffins

Oatmeal is the comfort food for breakfast, at least it is in our house. Oatmeal is like your favorite pair of yoga pants, it always puts a smile on your face.  According to Eva Mendes, it’s sweat pants that will end your marriage, not yoga pants so we’re safe, lol. In our house, we like to […]

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Making My Tweens Birthday Special

I was caught off guard when my tween son told me he didn’t want a party this year. To be honest it was a bit painful. In the past, he plans his party, months and months in advance. I’ve thrown him a birthday party from his 1st year of life, so I didn’t know what […]

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Conflict Resolution: The One Thing Kids Need To Remember

Because the reality is–conflict is inevitable, no matter if you’re two or 80 years old.  The wonderful thing about conflict is it’s not necessarily a bad thing and sometimes good can come out of it if handled in  a healthy way. I was a counselor in a private school for kids in elementary and high […]

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Panzanella Tuscan Salad

This is a compensated collaboration with Farmland® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Who says you can’t create your own sunshine.  The skies are gray here but I can definitely bring in some cheer into our life by brightening up our dining room with a fun color tablecloth and a […]

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Mexican Chocolate Caramel Trifle

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PinThatTwist #CollectiveBias One of the lovely things I remember from my childhood was sipping on Mexican hot chocolate on cold winter days.  The chocolatey, vanilla, cinnamon and spicy kick on my lips, was the perfect mix to warm […]

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Family Night: Sushi Making

My toddler asks if we can make sushi, every time we go to the grocery store.  He’s only had it once and he was quite small so I can’t believe he remembers.  I think he just likes saying the word, “Shushi”, that’s how he says it. I’ve avoided making sushi because in my mind it seemed like an […]

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Preschool Activity: Sticky Rainbow Collage

It’s been raining on and off in our neck of the woods. So today we made a rainbow collage, fluffy white clouds and lots of raindrops.   My son loved that it was more of a scene than just an activity.  He sat under it and I couldn’t help  myself and get an umbrella in the picture. […]

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The Question I Get Asked Most Often, “What Do You Do All Day?”

I love accessories. Especially hats.  So you’d think I’d have this wearing different hats and sometimes even two or three at one time, thing down. There are so many hats for me to wear throughout the day and sometimes I feel like I’m not wearing any of them well. Writing is therapeutic for me.  In […]

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Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Banana Bread {Healthy}

My kids love when they see ripe bananas on our kitchen counter because it usually means I’ll be making some kind of baked banana treat for them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they plotted out to purposely leave 3 ripe bananas every time I buy a bunch. This recipe is sugar free (refined sugar)! It’s dairy free […]

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