Amazing Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Oh my word, banana bread is the best kind of recycling! Well, it’s not really recycling but it’s the same kind of idea of using old (bananas) to make something ...

I Can’t Believe We Went to Italy & Our 10 Day Italy Itinerary

I’m sitting in the comfort of my home, thousands of miles away thinking about our trip that still seems surreal.  I was looking through our pictures and I literally kept ...

A Sure Way to Spot Good Expat Friends

  My husband is my best friend but his friendship could never take the place of any of my good girlfriends nor vice versa. Both are amazingly beautiful but they couldn’t be ...

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Our Lunch Packing Routine That Changed Our Life

Anyone else looking through Pinterest for lunch ideas? I have been pinning like a mad woman since our kids are starting school next week and it helps them when I have a list of ideas for them to choose from when THEY make their own lunch.  Yes, your kids can make their own lunch. Moms, […]

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16 Best Latino Children’s Books on Hispanic Heroes

One of the most asked questions I get as a Latina blogger is what are my recommendations for Hispanic Heritage Children’s books. I finally decided to put together on some of the best Latino Children’s books on Hispanic Heroes. These books can be added to your home library or at school, it’s a great resource. […]

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Kids Fitness Games & Activities

It was scary was when I noticed at some point in the last school year that my son was slouching a lot. I realized that some of that is habit and simply him being a tween but then I read somewhere that kids also do that because they have “weak” back and core muscles. I […]

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Family Night: Simple Karaoke Fun

For as long as I can remember my thumb has never let me down as a substitute for a cheap microphone.  I pull it out every chance I can get, in the car, at home, impromptu in the grocery store… I know I make it sound like I have a beautiful voice that the world […]

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Strawberry Bacon & Pecan Salad

I’ve been on a salad kick ever since we got back from our vacation.  So I’ve challenged myself to have one salad per day for a meal. I’ve been trying lots of simple and yummy combinations and this strawberry bacon & pecan salad is my all time favorite. Here in Quito we can get strawberries […]

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Making Time for Mom

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TipsFemeninos #CollectiveBias I recently read a study that shared some interesting data about mothers and the time they get for themselves. Basically, it stated the average mom gets a total of 17 minutes of “me” time in a week. […]

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How to Help Your Kids With Nightmares

Nothing like waking up abruptly to the screams of your toddler because he thinks an earthquake is going to make the glass window over his bed shatter all over him. I ran into his room as soon as I heard him screaming with fear. He was still asleep and he was moving around helplessly yelling […]

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The Day the Missionaries Went on Vacation

I remember our first summer vacation we took as missionaries. By the way, going back to your home country on furlough is never a vacation, just in case you consider those vacations. They are definitely not. Just thought I’d clarify that minor point.  We enjoy our furlough time, seeing old friends and family but it […]

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When You’re the Only Parents Setting Boundaries

My son was 4 yrs old and he was invited to a birthday party. We got out of the car and walked into the lovely home of the hostess. I was immediately greeted by 10 little energetic 4 year olds running around. It didn’t take my son long to join them. When You’re the Only […]

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Celebrating 4th of July as Americans Living Abroad

One thing I feel strongly about is celebrating our American holidays abroad. I do this mostly for my children, I want them to have memories and traditions that connect them to their culture. If you’ve followed my blog for some time you know that we have quite a few cultures that we take into account […]

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5 Things My Kids Do Every Day in the Summer

These are the four things my kids do every day, well mostly every day in the summer. One of the things I loved about homeschooling our children is they learned to appreciate routine. They now (for the most part) want it and know it doesn’t stifle them but helps them. The weekend after they got […]

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Summer Fun: Ice Cream in a Bag

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GladToGo #CollectiveBias For me, it’s not summer until you’ve had some homemade ice cream. So this year, I’ve decided that our new summer fun tradition is making homemade ice cream in a bag. Yes, you read it right. […]

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DIY Laundry Room Art

This post was sponsored by OxiClean™ through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about OxiClean™ all opinions are my own. Okay here’s my mom confession for the week–I don’t really like doing laundry. Well, I don’t mind sticking the dirty laundry in the washer… that makes me […]

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Father’s Day Gift: Popcorn Kit & Recipes

Here I am again putting together some last minute Father’s Day gifts for my husband. My son is currently outside cutting some wood with his saw to make something for his dad. Not sure what it is but I’m sure it will be special!   We worked all afternoon on our Handprint Tie. I can’t […]

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Summer Bash Soccer Party

Summer is here! What better reason to have a party! We are celebrating with a Summer Bash Soccer Party! I contemplated including my kid’s friends in our gathering, but our life is a bit chaotic right now. After much deliberation and going back and forth with myself, I was okay with a small celebration. Sometimes […]

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Books To Help You Talk to Young Kids About Sex

The sex conversations are too important to pass off to someone else! I share HERE on how to have a conversations with your preschooler about their sexuality. Let’s take the opportunity to establish ourselves as the primary source of information about sex.  Let’s take the challenge and open up healthy and age appropriate conversations with […]

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How to Talk to Your Preschooler About Sex

When your 4 year old comes to you with his big brown eyes and says with much excitement, “How did I get here?” Don’t panic! Most likely he’s not asking you to give him the full fledge talk about sexual intimacy and reproduction. But our kids start  asking because they are curious. At this age, […]

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3 Encouraging Things Our Kids Need To Hear

  Our kids may already know we love them but I assure you that they also need to hear it. We all need to hear that we are loved.  Even our teens who act like they could careless what you think, the truth is they do care. Our kids need to know that even though […]

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