Unexpected Encouragement

It was a typical day for me, I was running late for a gathering and I was feeling rushed as I went over my list of the deadlines I needed ...

Toilet Paper Tube Pilgrims Craft

We made these toilet paper tube pilgrims craft, last year in homeschool with all three of my boys.  Don’t you just love the Mayflower Ship and the Little People turned pilgrims! ...

I Love This About Our Home

As you know, I’m knee deep in practicing thankfulness. We try to do it year round but this is our time to hone in on it and embrace the daily ...

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Get Them to Brush Without a Fuss

With my little ones it was always a daily battle to get them to brush their teeth. I thought seriously kids we do this every day. I just don’t get it. Why does it come as a complete surprise that we are brushing our teeth once again in the morning after we’ve done it for […]

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Gratitude Prompts Family Activity

Honestly, some evenings, I’m not thinking about how to instill gratitude in my children, much less feeling thankful myself. By dinner time I’m in task mode. I’m thinking get them food, get homework done and get them in bed.  My task oriented self forgets about what my soul longs to do–instill gratitude in my children […]

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The Gift of Friends for My Birthday

I realized I did not want a party where people stood making small talk and eating all of my delicious birthday cake. This time it was the longing for connection that took me by surprise. My heart longed to connect. I wanted to have time with friends and family whether virtually or face to face. […]

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Preparing for Overnight House Guests

We’ve had the joy of hosting many friends and family overnight in our home, as well as, the pleasure of being hosted. By having company over we not only enjoy their company but we expand the worldview of our children, who get to view firsthand the differences and likes of others. My biggest tip for […]

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Thanksgiving Coloring Page and Mayflower Ship Craft

My son had so much fun coloring this sheet and then making his Mayflower craft. We’ve been reviewing the letters M, P, T and S over this past month so this was our P is for Pilgrims and M is for Mayflower ship craft. I read the book Best Thanksgiving Book ABC Adventures by Pat […]

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Gratitude Nature Hike

I never hiked a single mountain trail until I went away for college. I grew up in the big bustling city of Houston where concrete is king.  Once I discovered hiking trails in the mountains, I was hooked. It was absolutely exhilarating to run through the trails in the forest and lose myself in it. […]

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Apple Cinnamon Smoothie {Healthy}

I discovered this smoothie back when I was in the middle of a detox week, this apple cinnamon smoothie is considered a detox smoothie. I’m not sure how all that works but I like it a lot–detox or not. I personally didn’t add any sugar back when I was on my detox kick but if […]

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10 Days of Gratitude Photo Challenge

  This year I want to change things up a bit for our 21 Days of Gratitude. For starters we are only doing 1o Days!  Secondly, I’m adding a photo challenge aspect to it for those of us who want to practice your photography and take in the world around you through your lens. We’ve […]

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From Blue to Silver Hair

Not too long ago, you would have caught me saying things like, “The group was mostly older people, like in their 40′s. Forty is like when you start dying your hair blue or silver to cover all your grays.”  Or muttering something ridiculous like this to my friends, “I can’t wait to be old and […]

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When Giving a Little is More Than Enough

When Giving a Little is More Than Enough Contributing Writer: Jenny Howell Don’t miss any of our fun family articles! You can follow along now via:Pinterest  Facebook or Twitter and our readers preferred way via email. It was Saturday morning and I was in the middle of the football mom hustle. You’ve been there right? Those moments when we enter into crazy mom […]

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My ABC’s of Thankfulness Booklet

We were so fortunate not to have any rain today.  Lately, its been miserably cold and wet.  We took advantage of the lovely weather and decided to do some geocaching.  My husband just discovered this fun adventure and the boys have thoroughly gotten on board with it. We headed to a nearby park to have […]

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The Fatherless Baby

The Fatherless Baby I held her sweet precious baby in my arms, rocking her–back and forth, back and forth. Remembering the days when I once held my own little ones.  Oh, the pride we feel as moms as we hold a miracle in our arms. Just minutes after this lovely moment, I then held the […]

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Healthy Halloween Treats: Franken-Juice

For school this week we have observed pumpkins and came up with descriptive words to describe our pumpkin. We measured  pumpkins using cubes and a ruler.  My little man had to guesstimate how many cubes tall his pumpkin is, then I would write it on the board so he could see the number, finally he […]

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Expat Mom: Keeping our Traditions at All Cost

Expat Mom: Keeping our Traditions at All Cost (well maybe not at all cost) I had so much fun reminiscing and laughing at the preposterous things we have done in the name of tradition. But the reality is, for us traditions are more than driving around and getting lost trying to find the “perfect” Christmas […]

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Last Minute DIY Family Halloween Costumes

Our family likes to dress up for Halloween and celebrate the fun and creativity of this holiday! This picture below may look like Halloween but it’s not, it’s just another day in the year at the Tuten home. My kids dress up and play pretend all year long! As I type my oldest is walking out […]

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Healthy Halloween Treat: Boo-nanas

We’ve been having fun with Halloween treats these past weeks.  This was my latest healthy and delicious creation that my kids devoured. This fun treat was so easy to whip up and it was so yummy. These are perfect for a classroom party, Halloween playdate or party or just for fun. You can even have […]

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Creative Costume Ideas for Couples

I’m always impressed with the costumes our friends come up with each year. Especially if you take into consideration that we have no Michaels, Joanns or Hobby Lobby stores here. This was our Halloween costume last year for a couples Halloween party that we attended–Bob Ross and Canvas duo. We actually won a prize for […]

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Halloween Fun Food – Silly Pumpkin Snack

I have been making Mandarin pumpkins for our Halloween parties for over 7 years now! They are a hit and easy to make not to mention–healthy. Usually I just fill a huge vase with the mandarins and use it as decor for our party table and the kids get to grab one when they are […]

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