When You Don’t Have an Office

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always done all of my important work on this slat of wood we call our family table. It used to drive my ...

How to Make Beans in the Crockpot

I was in a pinch one day when I was trying to make some soup and all I had was dried white beans. Ugh, I hate when I don’t have ...

Our Boys Need Our Affection

I was going through our usual bedtime routine. I sat next to my oldest and I put my arms around him and began praying for him.  We’ve been talking about ...

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Project Broken Crayons Still Color

So what do DIY Crayons, Acts of Kindness and Valentine’s Day have to do with each other? Read below to find out what we are doing as a family this Valentine’s Day. It was one of those cleaning Saturdays in our home, and my husband was going through our bin of supplies.  In one of […]

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Son You’re Fully Capable of House Work

I was at an event once that involved about 6 families. We all had our kids with us and it was really interesting to watch what happened when it came time to clean up. The parents asked the kids to help and get involved in the clean up.  Both boys and girls were given task […]

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Healthy Waffles Gluten Free

I was appalled when I discovered the amount of sugar my kids were consuming for breakfast. I would say we are over all healthy eaters but breakfast has been one of the places that sugar sneaks in even when I think they are having a healthy meal. I noticed when I was homeschooling them that […]

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Friends are Not Friends Forever

After living in another country for 8 years now I have to disagree with Michael W. Smith’s words– friends are not friends forever. Maybe if I lived years ago when people stayed in the same small town their whole life I’d feel differently but the reality is we live in a transient society where people […]

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How Boys Cuddle

How Boys Cuddle That’s my youngest, tackling me when he heard the words”let’s cuddle”.  Not exactly what I was thinking but I still got my cuddle fix in. I have my own brood of little men, all under the age of 11.  Though I only have three, DO NOT and I repeat do. not., underestimate […]

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DIY Terrarium

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SienteGlade #CollectiveBias Mi mami (mom) has a green thumb, I do not.  I’m pretty sure she can revive a dead plant that been dead for weeks. When we were out and about, she was always looking at the […]

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Gluten Free English Muffin in a Mug

For years, I’ve heard about the magical cake in a mug but never tried it. Until recently I wanted to have an english muffin but didn’t have one in the fridge and was short on time, so I gave this mug-baking thing a try. I put my gluten free flour to work and I came […]

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Chia Chocolate Almond Raspberry Smoothie

One of my favorite dessert combinations is chocolate, almonds and raspberries!  It’s a rich and decadent combination where the raspberries tame the sweetness in each bite. Have you had a Chocolate Almond Raspberry Tart?  Oh it’s to die for! Just looking at it makes me salivate. Anyways, I have digressed from the original intent of […]

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Family Dinner Night: Chili Bar

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ScoreOnFlavor #CollectiveBias Family dinner is our time I guard like a momma bear.  If you don’t have a regular family dinner, I highly recommend you start a family dinner time even if you start off with just twice […]

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Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken

One day I was complaining on Facebook about forgetting to once again defrost my meat then a friend shared this awesome secret with me–just stick your whole chicken (frozen or defrosted) in the crockpot and add salt.  Let me tell you that secret has saved many of our  family meals. One of my favorite ways […]

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I Am Doing Something In Your Midst & Scripture Art

I love when the simultaneous occurrence of events align and point to something that I’m already pursuing. Lately, I’ve had so many things confirming that my One Word choice (I share it here) is definitely the journey I need to be on this year. The other morning I was having my devotional time and my time […]

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And They Saw Pornography

It was a beautiful warm spring day and the boys were outside playing. I could hear them running around and screaming (good screaming) as they chased each other.  I love watching and listening in on their make believe world. Little did I know that their childhood innocence would be snatched away that morning. I’m still […]

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Healthy Snack Apple Cinnamon Balls

These little apple cinnamon balls were amazing!  My son couldn’t stop eating them and if true be told it was hard for me to only eat 2. The fun thing about these is you can enjoy them for breakfast, snack or a dessert! I would even serve them at a party! These little ball are […]

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My One Word

Happy New Year!  I love the fresh start of a new year! It’s like a blank canvas dancing with joy at the thought of paint about to splash and embrace it. Feliz Año Nuevo 2016! If you know me, you know I like to have dreams, goals, plans, ideas…  For years I’ve picked one word […]

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New Year’s Eve Treat

We all need a little bling as we ring in the new year right! This is the cutest and easiest New Year’s Eve treat ever!  I thought it was clever–Ring in the New Year! The glitter on the end of the paper is my newest find at the store and I’m in love. It’s just […]

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New Year’s Eve Activity for Kids

New Year’s Eve Activity for Kids is how we roll now after 12 years of marriage and three kids. Before kids I was always looking for a fun activity to enjoy with my husband that involved getting all dressed up and dancing.   Once we had kids that type of thinking and even desire came […]

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Christmas Wish List Printable

I’m not against gift giving but I’m definitely not into an overindulgent Christmas.  I really want our kids to have it clear that Christmas is not just about them, so as I shared here we do things in our community to give and serve. I also want them to realize that Christmas gifts are a […]

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Simple Christmas Entertaining Tips

The holidays are filled with lots of friends and family gatherings!  Our family loves to entertain so I’m always looking for ways to simplify our Christmas gatherings.  There are so many things you can do to add a personal touch without spending a lot of time on them. Here are some of my frazzle free […]

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