Thanksgiving Turkey Craft and Treat Bag

A great Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for your classroom or for your Thanksgiving gathering.


We made these Thanksgiving Turkeys for my sons class! It’s a great Thanksgiving favor for your little guest which you can stuff with popcorn or other treats. It also makes an easy class activity for all you teachers out there. 

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft and Treat Bag


  • Lunch bags
  • construction paper- brown, red, yellow and orange
  • glue
  • paint, brush

1. Fold your paper bag in half. Paint the top half different  colors that will be the feathers.

2. Cut out face and its parts from construction paper. You’ll need a brown circle for the face, orange triangle for the nose and orange circles for the feet.

3. Glue the the face parts onto the circle and then glue the face to the middle bottom part of the bag.


4. Stuff your treats inside like popcorn and fold in half as shown in picture above.  Tape so it stays in place.

You can also just stuff it with tissue paper and leave as is.

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