Ladybug Party

My boys had unexpected days off, hmmm, maybe I should say I didn’t check the calendar.  They asked if they could have friends over, so I decided this would be a good time to have a Valentines Kids Crafting Party!  We usually craft our V-day cards and gifts for teachers with just our family, but I thought this would be more fun for them.  My friends came over, EIGHT boys in my house on a rainy day.

Yes, BOYS can craft! In between, making shooting sounds and chasing each other on a wet afternoon they would come inside to craft and snack.

The Ladybug Snacks pictured above & below are here and he NO Sew Ruffled Tablecloth (tutorial here):

Ladybug apples- apples, mini choco morsels & prunes

  • Strawberry Ladybugs- melted chocolate, strawberries & mini choco morsels
  • Ladybug Tomat0es – ritz crackers, red pepper dip mixed w/cream cheese, tomatoes, poppyseeds, raisins
  • Rice Krispy Ladybug Treats-  Cute little treats no cooking involved.   via Hungry Happenings
  • Ladybug Cakepops picture via Just Icing on the Cake, I love how adorable these turned out.
  • PB & J Heart Shaped Sandwiches

White Chocolate Lovebug Cake!

If you haven’t worked with White Chocolate Clay you must, it’s yummy!

Getting their Craft On!

We made these easy teacher gifts- Heart Shaped Stamped Clay Magnets  that I put together for my article.

Our boys will be giving their classmates this Super Hero Valentines that says:

You’re a SUPER Friend! via A Mom Not A Pro

Aren’t these adorable I had to include them in this article. Ladybug Bag Treats via Glorious Treats

I had so much fun photographing this Dessert Table (pictured below)!  I LOVE Gerber daises, they are so photogenic and happy!

I used these flowers in my wedding, that and tulips!

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