10 min Easter Craft- Feathered Bunny & Chick

These Easter Buddies are absolutely adorable!  I had so much fun making them with my son.  I was making them for our Spring Edition of our online publication so I had to make them in February. My 4 year old kept asking me “Is it Easter already mommy?” My job gives them the opportunity to celebrate a holiday for weeks not just a day.

If you have perused around our e-zine by now you have come to realize that I like easy and fast recipes and crafts and of course cute.

Click here for this easy 10 minute Feathered Buddies Craft tutorial in our Spring Edition.

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For those of us who prefer templates just right-click on image below and copy into your document.

When I drew mine I rounded the feet more and the duck bill was more of a triangle.

Duck template

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EAster kid craft

Bunny Ears Template

Templates: duck via About.com & bunny via letopusa.wordpress.com

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