Egg Dyeing and Drying Tips & Techniques

Forget about running to the store to get a fancy pack of egg dye or stencils.  I am going to show you how to do it yourself with these simple and fun techniques.

Do you have lying around your  house: crayons, tissue paper, tape, rubber bands, stickers…?  These everyday items can be used to create a unique design or a stenciled look on your eggs.

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Egg DYEING Tips & Techniques

Wax– grab a crayon and write or color on the egg and dip the egg in dye.

Tissue paper– Lay a piece of saran wrap or paper towel flat and lay  tissue paper on top of it. Dampen the tissue paper and then lay egg inside it and wrap it up. You can use tape to secure your wrap. Wait 10min and peek to see if the colors have transferred over if not wrap a bit longer.

Rubber bands/stickers– just wrap or stick them on the egg how ever you want and then dye the egg with them on their.

Other tips:

  • Using a whisk is a great non-messy way to dip and color eggs. Insert egg into whisk and dip in dye and then take out whisk and leave egg in there for drying.
  • Removing dates off eggs- dampen a cloth with vinegar or nail polish remover/alcohol and it should remove it.  If you use vinegar it will take some extra rubbing.

How to make your own dye-

20 drops of food coloring

1 tbl vinegar

1/2 cp warm water

Leave egg in for 5 min for a light color and in for 10min or longer for a bold color.

Mixing to make other colors:

  • Purple- 5 drops of red and 1 drop of blue
  • Orange- 2 drops of red and 3 drop of yellow
  • lime green- 3 drops of yellow and 1 drop of green
  • turquoise blue- 3 drops of blue and 1 green

Egg DRYING Techniques

Styrofoam cup– cut the bottom out and insert egg.

Pins or toothpicks– Place straight pins or toothpicks in styrofoam.

Toilet paper roll– Cut the roll into pieces and lay egg on top.

Whisk– my favorite way to dry them, just insert egg in whisk for the dyeing process and take it out and lay for drying.

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