Teaching Our Kids Boundaries Series

“For anyone in a parenting or teaching role, helping children learn responsibility is a key issue.  From temper tantrums and attitude problems, to drugs and sex, learning limits and becoming responsible is a major part of growing up.
Kids who haven’t learned these skills often struggle in:

  • Relationships
  • School
  • Conduct
  • Work
  • Spirituality
  • Morality

As any parent knows, simply telling kids to “do the right thing” isn’t enough And ‘making them mind’ is often futile. Boundaries With Kids helps grown-ups teach children how to become stewards of their lives, behavior, and values by establishing healthy boundaries with them. As parents learn to set appropriate boundaries and consequences with children, the kids begin developing: ownership of their lives discipline and self-control respect for others love and freedom.” ~Boundaries With Kids

One of the things I LOVED doing when I worked as a counselor was teaching workshops to parents, teachers and students.  I enjoyed it because I was able to dive into one subject, learn it, research it and put it into practice. And unlike a counseling session I was able to do that all in a matter of two hours with out the 6 month follow-up visits.   This is one of the many parenting books that I have enjoyed using for our parent workshops.  Mostly because he discusses principles not “how to” information.

This is what we will go through now – May: (We will be adding the series as we move along so click on the topics below to go to the article.)

Part 1: Why Kids Need BoundariesBegin Parenting With the End In Mind

Part 2: 10 Boundary Principles Kids Need to Know

  •  Boundary 1 -Sowing and Reaping- Do Our Kids Really Need Consequences?
  • Pulling My Own Wagon
  • I Can’t Do It All, But I’m Not Helpless, Either
  • I’m Not the Only One Who Matters
  • Life Beyond “Because I’m the Mommy
  • Pain Can Be A Gift
  • Tantrums Needn’t Be Forever
  • Envy
  • Jump-starting My Engine
  • Honesty is the Best Policy

Part 3: Implementing the Boundaries

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I am looking forward to learning, relearning and putting this information into practice along side of you. One of the things that I didn’t mention above was anytime I do a workshop/seminar, God uses real life personal experiences to help me understand the subject.  Not always fun! Once I had to do a seminar on Dating and Purity as a Teen, I was chuckling wondering how God would use that as a personal life experience.  I didn’t get any personal examples for that topic but I did get a zit or two.

You dont’ need to own the book to follow along but if  you would like to get your own copy most local Christian book stores have it or you can get it here by clicking on image. 

  • Boundaries With Kids will help your child learn responsibility by teaching YOU how to:
    Recognize the boundary issues underlying child behavior problems Set boundaries and appropriate consequences with kids.
    Get out of the ‘nagging’ trap.
    Stop controlling your child and start helping your child develop self-control.
    Apply the ten laws of boundaries to parenting
  • Take six practical steps for implementing boundaries with your kids.

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