Do you kiss your kids on the lips?

kiss kids on the lips

Do you kiss your baby on the lips? Do you still kiss your parents on the lips?

Do you think it’s gross or just darling?

This is how we roll: We don’t, but we do.  When I watched our 5 yr old go straight for his kindergartens teachers lips that’s when I realized that maybe we should stop the kissing on the lips thing in our family because even though we told him you only kiss us on the lips he still equated it to, you only kiss people you love on the lips. He was going around kissing all his loved ones (not in our family) on the lips.

Shortly, after that it was his birthday so we thought this was a good way to introduce the “you’re six now and now we are going to kiss on the cheeks because you are a big boy now.”  Since then, we officially don’t kiss on the lips but sometimes when we say goodnight he goes straight for the lips and that’s okay. We probably would have kept kissing on the lips if it wasn’t so confusing for our son.

I personally do not kiss my mom or dad on the lips anymore.  I think my parents still would kiss us on the lips if we had not stopped, but I just can’t do it anymore. I’m not sure at what age I stopped, probably in middle school .

Well, whether you still do or not, the important thing is making sure you are kissing your littles, hugging them and cherishing them even if they are pass that chubby cheeks stage and are now in that “one minute I like you and the next second, I don’t” tween stage.

I still have one in that chubby cheeks stage, and I kiss him on the cheeks, on the lips, on his forehead, his toes and his hands.  I can kiss his little chubby face all day!  I just can’t help myself, well, there are times when I can back away from that chubby little face; like this morning, when his snot was flowing and I saw his little face coming straight for my lips.

I mean seriously, look at this cuteness!

mateo at pool

Do you kiss on the lips in your familia? Do you still kiss your parents on the lips? Do you have an age when you feel like you should stop kissing your kids on the lips?

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  1. We kiss on the lips in our family. My two boys (14 & 7) I still kiss on the lips. Been doing it since they were babies so I see nothing wrong with it. Now my 7 year old will only kiss me. Period. No one else gets kisses at all. He will hug his Dad, his brother and his grandma. No one else. The 14 year old kisses his Dad, brother and grandma on the cheek.

  2. My daughter is 29 months and we kiss on the lips. Half of my husband’s family is Basque and it is customary to greet family and friends that way. Her affectionate nature has converted several of my family members to kissing on the lips, though she understands that some people prefer a kiss on the cheek or a hug instead. I had to adjust to being kissed by my husband’s relatives, mostly seniors, but our daughter knows she doesn’t have to kiss ANYONE hello or goodbye if she doesn’t want to.

    • Lynette, I am always fascinated by others cultures and customs. We live in Ecuador though we are not Ecuadorian and the custom here is to greet with a kiss. My boys had to get used to that when we first moved here.

  3. lol…this is a funny topic. My mom would always kiss us on the lips, but I always thought it was kinda gross because I equate that to a husband/wife type of relationship, so I never intended to kiss my kids on the lips, but when a 2 year old comes over to love on you and goes for the lips…who has the heart to say “No, not on the lips.”? Not me. So, yes we do kiss on the lips in our family 🙂

    • That’s how I feel! My little boy is less than a year and when he gets older (like 7ish) I will probably stop. I say that now but who knows what will really happen! You said it perfectly so I had to reply to your comment, but this is a great post!

  4. Stopping by from the terrific Tuesday’s link party and we do not kiss our kids on the lips. My husband’s family likes to kiss the kids on the lips but i have forbidden them from doing it. I think that we carry too many germs in our mouth to pass them down to our kids by kissing them in the mouth but that is just my opinion. Great topic

  5. ABSOLUTELY… until they decide they prefer not to kiss on the lips. I come from a family of kissers. My parents and grandparents always kissed us on the lips. My parents still do. Heck my mom even kissed one of my hubby’s friends on the lips back in the dating days. I thought it would give hubby’s friend a heart attack but now he gives her a great big smack on the lips every time he sees her and would have it no other way.
    I have to admit though that I’m not quite as free with the kisses as my mom. She’ll kiss everybody. I’m more of a selective kisser, but definitely always kissed my kiddos and especially those sweet kisses from my granddaughters who are 5 and 2. MUST HAVE THEIR KISSES =)
    I have friends that don’t kiss their kids on the lips though. It’s become a joke with us. They are the same friends that would NEVER let someone take a drink out of their cup, not even their kiddos OR hubby.
    Great topic. Thanks for sharing.

    • Melissa,
      That is hilarious, that your mom kissed your hubby’s friend on the lips. Priceless! My mom is a cheek kisser so when she sees my husband she grabs his face and gives him a big smooch on the cheek.

  6. Once my kids get to the point where they can respond to “can I have a kiss?” instead of just me puckering up, I start transitioning to kisses on the cheek. When they’re little, I think there’s nothing sweeter than little baby kisses! But I also remember seeing my dad kiss HIS dad on the lips when he was alive and thinking it was a little gross. So for me, there needs to be an end point. But for me, that’s when they can understand it. My older kids give me kisses on my cheek and my youngest, who’s 1, still does kisses on the lips. He’s starting to be the one to initiate the kisses, so when he does that, I turn my cheek towards him so he has started to get the concet.

  7. What a interesting post! My son is now 14, so the cheek. He actually started the cheek vs lips at about 8. I do miss those sweet little baby kisses!!!

  8. Well, I’ll step in and be the out-of-place one here – I don’t kiss anyone but my husband on the lips! I respect that every family gets to write its own rules, but I’ve always felt that lip kissing is an intimate act and should be respected as such.

    That said, we have a border collie who likes to give sloppy kisses and I know not everyone is okay with that, so each their own! 🙂

  9. my daughter is 23 years old and yes, we still kiss on the lips. She kisses her dad, her nanny, aunt and me on the lips. Her brother gets a cheek! Boyfriend, well…we don’t talk about it!!! LOL.

  10. That is such a cute picture of your son pukering up! It is quite a dilema but you had good ideas there. Fun moment.

  11. We go for kissing on the cheeks, chubby toes and necks and elbows, ears…you get the picture…when they’re babies, but really would prefer not to do the lips. I feel like it’s transferring “adult germs”–is there such a thing? to these precious little ones. So lots of kissing going on with them, just not on the lips. 🙂

  12. I kiss my little boy (4 months) just about every where and will probably continue to do so until he asks me not to. I do not kiss my own parents on the lips and do not even remember a time when I did so. I also don’t really like when anyone other than my husband or I kiss my son on the lips (only grandparents, aunts, etc. I’m not talking about strangers trying to kiss my baby)- mostly because of germs but also just feeling its a little gross.

  13. We let everyone do whatever is comfortable. My husband’s family is pretty much all kissers – mostly on the lips. My family are more huggers but kiss the kids – mostly on the cheeks. We kiss our kids on the lips and other kids on the cheek unless they are uncomfortable – the boys tend to barely tolerate hugs once they are past about 6. 🙂 We encourage our kids to hug teachers and friends but not kiss because of the rules in the school system and trying to teach about inappropriate touch. We also start teaching young to only kiss on lips/forehead or not kiss at all when sick. When the kids get to a certain awareness they tend to only kiss us on the lips on their own. We never “make” them hug or kiss anyone so its what they are comfortable with – if it feels weird to them they shouldn’t do it. Even grandma’s and grandpa’s understand that they are learning how to distinguish what’s appropriate and sometimes just don’t feel like a hug or kiss and go to a high five or fist bomb in our family. Its a good example to use as a lesson to teach the kids to listen to their instincts without going into a lot of detail. My 8 year old knows the difference between a mommy-daddy kiss and a family kiss – she figured that out at about 2 watching the princess movies, lol.

  14. We kiss on the lips! My boys are 5 and 3 and I honestly haven’t thought about it until just now! Thanks for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

  15. We “peck on the lips” ( a dry quick kiss) with our girls, but they are only comfortable doing it with us, so it is not a problem. However, their older (girl) cousin kissed them on the lips the other day and they did not like it. So some people do, but I’m just not comfortable with a sloppy wet kiss.

  16. Mari…this is a thinker. My children are older and kiss me on my cheek or forehead. Its still precious to me and says “I Love You” just fine. Thank you for a thought provoking post and linking up at WJIM.

  17. We tell our littles that kissing on the lips is for babies and sweethearts…. when they’re not considered babies anymore then they get their kisses on the cheeks (around age 2).

  18. My story is sad. My parents always kissed me on the lips, but after I got married (at 18) I remember my mom giving me a kiss goodnight when I stayed the night with her when my hubby was out of town, I kissed her cheek and she said to give her a kiss on the lips. I said moooom, I’m too old for that. That was the last night she was alive. I still cry when I think about it and when I see other parents giving their kids kisses. I have 2 kids now, 1 year old and3 year old and I kiss them as often as they’ll let me.

    • Stacy, That is so very sad thankful you got to kiss her one last time though whether on the cheeks or lips. ~mari

  19. Thank you for writing this. I thought ours was the only family to have this discussion!:-) My husband grew up in a kissing family: mine was more of hugs and constant I love yous.We do both with our kids (ages 4 and almost 18 months). As for the extended family, we do whatever the individual feels comfortable doing. We do cheek kisses or hugs when someone has a cold. 🙂

  20. personally the thought of kissing either one of my parents on the lips, cheek or otherwise is totally creepy and gives me the hardcore heeby-jeebies. I can’t remember anyone in my family kissing anyone other than their spouses after they were like 4 or 5 at most. My Gramma was the only exception, we kissed one another on the cheek when leaving, till the day she died, I can’t explain why she was different. I am 26 and I don’t have children of my own yet so I can’t say about that but when I was growing up pretty much the moment I hit puberty all physicality between my parents and I stopped immediately. We don’t even really hug, like only that awkward side hug thing. My Dad kisses his hand and put its on the top of my head if he is feeling silly and “Dad-like.” Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I have almost always worked with my family so it was inappropriate to act familial at work? Never really thought about it till now…

  21. I have two kids. My son is about to be 11, and my daughter is about to be 8. I don’t recall ever discussing it with my kids, but I also don’t recall them ever kissing anyone else on the lips. My son used to kiss my husband and I on the lips, then last year he just changed it. Now it’s cheek. My daughter still always kisses us on the lips. I do not kiss my parents on the lips, and I remember as a kid maybe 10 or 11 deciding that I shouldn’t do it any more.