Lose the Baby Fat! Toning Exercises Pt. 2

Featured Writer: Alaina Holland -Part 1 of our Stroller Fitness go here.

1) Kiss The Challenge: Pectorals, back, triceps, abdominals, glutes

Focus: Pectoral and abdominal toning. This is a push-up stroller style. Step away from the stroller and angle your body to the ground. Have your hands on the handle bar in front of you. Keep your legs tight but do not lock your knees. Lower your body towards the handle bars. Elbows should bend at 90 degrees when bent. Push your body back to starting position.

DO: 3 sets of 12-15*

REMEMBER: Put the lock on the stroller wheels so your baby doesn’t run away from you!

X-TRA: Change positions by putting your feet up on the front of the stroller and your hands on the ground. This will make a decline push up position.

2) Military Crunch: Abdominals, obliques, quadriceps

Focus: Abdominal toning. Stand with stroller in front of you with both hands on the handle bars. As you walk bring your right knee up towards your left shoulder. Move forward alternating legs as you crunch those abdominals.

DO: 3 sets of 12-15* on each side

X-TRA: Go up a steep hill while doing this exercise.

8) Tickle Toes: Obliques, abdominals, back, shoulders

Focus: Abdominal toning. Sit on the ground in front of your stroller. Put a foot on either side of a front wheel. Lean back engaging your abs with a toy or a weight in your hands.

Twist to the left with both arms straight and pointing towards the ground.

As you come up out of the right side lift the toy/weight above your head in play with your baby.

Bring it back down to the right side and twist.

DO: Alternate sides for 3 sets of 8-12* sit ups each side.

9) No Lazy Kick Back: glutes, abdominals, hamstrings, back

Focus: Leg and back toning. As you walk forward lift your left leg straight out behind you. Pulse it 3 times.

Step the raised leg to the ground as you walk forward so the right leg can lift behind and pulse 3 times. Alternate sides keeping abdominals in tight and back as upright as possible with minimum leaning towards the ground.

DO: 3 sets of 8-12* reps for each leg.

X-TRA: Circle the leg once it is lifted backwards in small circles for a count of 8. Try large circles as well for a count of 8 and reverse direction.

10) Scratched Disk: Abdominals, quadriceps, glutes

Focus: Quadricep toning. Walk forward with the stroller in front of you. When you take a step lift knee up as high as you can and pulse it upward between 90 degrees and as high as you can lift it for 8 counts.

Never lower the raised knee less than 90 degrees to the ground until you have done all the repetitions. Example: Lift leg 90 degrees pulse it higher and back down to 90 degrees (without lowering leg to the ground) and that counts as 1 repetition. Keep the leg up until all repetitions are completed for that particular set.

DO: 3 sets of 8-12* repetitions on each leg. Walk forward and repeat alternating sides. Repeat for 3 sets with 30 second walking break in between sets.

REMEMBER: It will be as challenging as you make it. Continue pulsing until you feel the burn and keep on for a few more pulses.

X-TRA: To add some love handle exercises rotate the bent knee to the side after you lift it forward in a circular motion.

*This is an average amount of reps. Do the amount for your fitness level. If it is easy add some reps or an extra set. If you find it too hard and can’t complete all the sets do less but always challenge yourself.


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Alaina Holland- I live in Ecuador mentoring international youth alongside my wise husband.  Mother of a sweet 7 month old baby boy.  I enjoy staying home with my boys, having a deep conversation over a cup of tea, scrapbooking, exercising, and pointing others to the all satisfying God.  I blog over at lorenholland.blogspot.com

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