DIY Stenciled Picture Frame

Featured Contributor: Sarah from The Winthrop Chronicles
I recently changed up a shelf in our basement and was in need of some red decor. I always have old picture frames around and I found some scrap wood and I got to work. I made a stenciled picture frame. It’s was a quick and easy project and free, because I had all the supplies already.

To make:

1. Paint your piece of wood white, let it dry.

2. Using your stencil, paint the piece of wood with the colored paint.

3. Paint your picture frame.

4. Sand down your stenciled wood piece to give it a distressed look.

5. When the paint dries, apply a coat of spray matte mod podge.

6. Hot glue your piece of glass to your picture frame.

7. Attach some double-sided foam tape (so that you can take it off to change out the picture if you want). Then stick it to your piece of stenciled wood.

And that’s it!

Sarah is a former NBC news reporter turned stay at home mom. She loves spending time with her three little ones. Her days include picnics at the park and potty training, and she tries to squeeze in some crafting and sewing time when she can. You can follow what she (and her family) are up to and what her latest project is at The Winthrop Chronicles.

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