Fabric Flower Belt

Contributing Writer: Laurel MacDougall
I love belts!  I love that they can make jeans and a t-shirt into an outfit.  I love that they give my postpartum body and little shape.  I love that they can show a little personality.  This month, I am making a fabric flower belt.  I love the pop of color this gives to any outfit.  Perhaps my favorite part was mixing and matching fabrics and trying to find the right combination – there are SO SO SO many possibilities.  I made different types of flowers.
Flower #1:
I free-handed some flowers of different sizes.  I cut out 2 4″ flowers, 2 3 1/2″ flowers, 4 3″ flowers and 4 2″ flowers.  Then I stacked and turned the 4″ and the 3 1/2″ flowers:
Next, I folded the 3″ flowers in half and also stacked and staggered them:
The 2″ flowers were folded into fourths and stacked:
I quick hand stitched an X in the middle to hold everything together.
Then, I topped it with a fabric covered button:
I made another one with smaller flowers and topped this one with just a plain white button that I had in my stash.
Flower #2:
I cut a 2″ strip of fabric that was about 22″ long and folded it in half.  I used hot glue to glue it shut:
Next, I cut slits from the folded side to almost the edge.  The slits are about 1/2″ apart.
Starting at one end, I rolled it up.  I dabbed some hot glue as I rolled to keep it together.
Then fluff:
For my belt, I used 2 of flower #1 and 2 of flower #3 and a third flower that I made using the same technique I did here.  I laid them out on white felt in an arrangement that I liked.  Then I glued them to the felt:
and trimmed the felt away so it wouldn’t show from the front:
Lastly, I cut two strips of the felt about 1″ wide and 2 1/2″ long and glued just the ends of them on:
I made the loops so the ribbon could slide through.  This gives a little flexibility with the ribbon.  I wasn’t sure if I would want the bow from the ribbon in the front of the back.  Now it can be either.  Also, you can switch your ribbon.
Tie it on and you are done!
It took me about an hour to make all flowers.
My 10 year old helped and is choosing fabrics for her own belt.
I think it is a cute and perfect way to add some personality to your outfits!
Thanks for reading!  I’d love for you to come see me at my blog Ducks in a Row!

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