DIY Mini Piñata

Another fabulous craft to get you celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with the kids , a Mini Piñata.  As I mentioned before Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the culture of lots of countries.  I love that we get to share with our children how diverse the world is.  By exploring different Hispanic cultures they will realize at a young age that it entails such a variety of people, languages and countries.

I remember the first time I had a Piñata for my child’s birthday party and all of my none hispanic friends seemed very confused with what to do.  I was quite shocked because I grew up with them and every kid I grew  up with knew what to do when they see Piñata.  The non-Hispanic kids loved the colorful thing full of candy. Later my friends shared that they loved our tradition and were going to have to try it. The Piñata is well-known throughout Latin America at parties.

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  • 2 plastic or styrofoam cups
  • candy
  • tissue paper
  • tape
  • glue
  • string

1. Poke 2 holes through the end of the cup and run string through it.

2. Place candy in one cup and place the other cup on top and secure it with duck tape.

Decorating the Piñata

1. Cut tissue paper into strips.

2. Fold strips and cut through as shown above.

Tape strips around the cup.

Now it’s time to have fun!

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  1. This is the cutest and easiest Piñata craft activity that I have seen. Usually they’re messy and take days to finish because of the glue. My daughter is going to love this! Thank you for sharing this activity. I also shared it on my Facebook page.

  2. What a clever way to make a fast piñata! It’d be great for a really small child’s birthday party, since most of the time wee ones can’t break a strong piñata. Here in Costa Rica, it’s the bday “must” so I just love that you’ve shared this version!

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