10 Thanksgiving Family Fun Games

thanksgiving family fun games

Here are some of fun and easy games to play in groups of mixed ages that can be used for your Thanksgiving gathering.

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If you have people in your gathering that are not into watching or playing football or for those who are too old or young for playing football here are some fun ideas to enjoy as a group at dinner or throughout your gathering:

10 Thanksgiving Family Fun Games

(Now there are more like 15+ games because I’ve updated it over the years!) 

thanksgiving game

Our version of Headbanz with a Thanksgiving twist— you can find this fun game over here. We’ve had a lot of fun playing this the week of Thanksgiving and it’s also the perfect game for your Thanksgiving gathering.

Mr. Wobble likes to gobble... So for this game you start with the youngest person in the group and they have to say what their favorite food is or any food they like. Everyone takes turns doing this, first saying what you like and then remembering what the people before you said. For example, First person–Mr Wobble likes to gobble ravioli.  2nd person-Mr. Wobble likes to gobble pecan pie and ravioli.  And so…  This is great to do at the dinner table.

Thanksgiving Charades Write what you’re thankful for on a piece of paper. Place it in a bag and then have everyone pick one out that is not there own.  Take turns acting it out and guessing what it is. You can even add additional challenge and have the person who is acting it out guess who they think that belongs to. We played this last year and it was seriously hilarious. 

Turkey Waddle- Split the group into two teams. Have a beginning and end, it doesn’t haven’t to be a long stretch. Place a ball between your legs and waddle like a turkey and race against another team or person.

Thankfulness Memory Game  Each family member takes turns sharing one thing that he/she is thankful for.  Before you share you have to remember everyone else’s blessings after adding your own!

turkey bowling

Turkey Bowling– This is an easy game your guest of all ages can enjoy. You can even use soda bottles for the turkeys. Dating Diva’s provides all the free printables for the turkeys and score cards.

Toss the Toilet Paper Gratitude Game –  Hand one person the toilet paper roll and then they grab however many sheets they want. Then they toss it to someone else and they do the same. Once everyone has been tossed the roll then you have each person go around and share however many things they are thankful for depending on how many sheets of toilet paper they tore off. Make sure you don’t tell them ahead of time what happens with their toilet paper sheets.

Thanksgiving Photo Scavenger Hunt Give kids a list of photos they need to take during the evening. Have them split up into teams and take those photos. Here’s a great free printable for this activity. 

thanksgiving scavenger hunt

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt– Our family loves scavenger hunts as you can tell from this list! This one caught my eyes because I also love history facts not in the trivial pursuit type of facts but more just history facts. 🙂 This is from iMOM blog and I can’t wait to use it.

Who said TURKEY? game– You’ll need a feather, clothes pin or something you can place on the person who says the word, “TURKEY”.  This person will have to wobble like a turkey and then they need to pass the feather to the next person whom they hear say the word turkey.  Or you can play “free for all” so whoever hears someone say the word gets to call that person out with or without having the feather.

Mayflower Crosses the Sea Race- Create to two teams from your group. Then have each team pick one person who will act as the Mayflower ship. Show them the beginning England and the end Plymouth Rock. Blindfold them and then have each team guide them on which way to go to get to the New World (finish line). 

paper airplane shooters


Boat or Plane Race– Grab a map or a blue sheet of construction paper and have a race. This has a fun Straw and Paper Airplane Shooter activity, go here.

feed the turkey

Feed the Turkey Game – Have two groups with two turkeys at each end and a chair.  Each group takes a turn at the same time running to the chair, taking off their shoes feeding the turkey 3 pieces of pom poms and then putting their shoes back on and running back for the next person to feed the turkey. The first team who goes through first, wins! I love the turkey that Life with Moore Babies uses above but you can go with a much simpler version.

Turkey Talk– Sing a familiar song or rhyme and replace certain words with gobble. For example, Mary had a little gobble, little gobble. And everywhere that Mary went the gobble was sure to go. This is hilarious and it gets everyone involved. Another great activity to enjoy during your meal.

Gourd/Pumpkin Hockey– Each team gets 1 broom. They choose who gets to sweep the pumpkin across to the other side into the goal. Mean while the other team members play defense and offense. Blocking the other team from making into their goal and also helping the sweeper get their pumpkin across.

nature color scavenger hunt

Get Outdoors- Color Hunt– Explore and get some exercise in while you’re at it.  You don’t have to get in the car to do this just go in your neighborhood. If you have a competitive group split up into two teams and see who gets home the fastest with all of the colors.

Turkey Drawing Contest– Choose a few people from group and give them a book, a blank sheet of paper and a pen. have them place the paper on the book and put it over their head. Once everyone has done that they need to follow your instructions and draw the turkey as you call out the parts: Draw the body, the head, the feet the feathers, the beak and waddle.

Three Legged Pumpkin Race – Have each person pair up, preferably an older to younger person. Give each one a pumpkin that they place on the ground in front of them. When you say go they all race to the finish line rolling their pumpkin with them. Pumpkin must make it to the finish line to win.

nature scavenger hunt printable

Nature Scavenger Hunt – This is great to enjoy after dinner or before, you can even do this in your neighborhood. If you have a competitive group split up into two teams and see who gets home the fastest with all of their items.

turkey tag

Turkey Tag– I love this creative idea I found over at Let’s Get Together. Just make sure you set some ground rules you can only clip on clothes. ;O

abc's of gratitude

Gratitude Hike– This isn’t a game, it’s more of an activity but I highly recommend it. You don’t have to get in the car for this either, do it in your neighborhood.  Free Printables!

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