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fashion formula

Are you trying to figure out what to wear to your holiday gathering, office party or just work during the Winter Season?  Jodi does any amazing job sharing with us  her fashion formula to help us with our fashion style this winter. Her fashion formula was featured in the Celebrate Christmas Winter Issue. Now you can become a fashionista with this simple tips.

Contributing Writer: Jodi from Jodi Noted

The great thing about the fashion formula is that it works well year round. However, you can really have some fun with it when the cold weather hits and layers and textures become an everyday occurrence. On your average workday, for example, you can use belted cardigans, scarves, vests, or blazers as completer pieces, while sticking with more simplified basic and interest pieces for the foundation of the outfit. Below is an example of a winter workday outfit using the fashion formula.

The white button-up blouse is a must-have basic in every woman’s closet. It is versatile but always looks classic and timeless. The chevron wool trousers make a great interest piece for the office. The pattern is subtle and flattering, but still gives a good contrast to the basic white top. The blue belted cardigan is an appropriate completer piece, pulling the whole outfit together while giving your body a little hug and showing its natural shape. And the accessories, of course, are the icing on an already beautiful cake.
A winter weekend outfit might look a little more like this. You can give yourself some play room with the interest and completer pieces, even combining the two into a couple (but not too many!) different wardrobe elements.
Here, the black legging is the basic piece. Just remember that leggings are not normal pants! Your top needs to cover at least the top of your inseam in the front and most of your behind in the back. Still, when paired with the right pieces, black leggings can be a great basic go-to in the colder months. The checkered button-up here is the interest piece. It catches your attention and gives your look some dimension, but doesn’t distract from the whole outfit. A denim jacket (or a solid blazer could be worn here as well) completes the ensemble well, adding a bit of structure to a pretty casual outfit. The accessories can go any which way here. Pops of color in a hat, scarf, or shoes are welcome on this somewhat neutral look.
Now with winter weather also come the holiday party invitations. When deciding what to wear to your social gatherings, keep the formula in mind, but also remember that one dress can carry the basic, interest, and completer pieces all in one. See these red dresses below. All three have different silhouettes, but take care of the three main pieces of the fashion formula.
First off, isn’t the red just great? It can be considered a basic color, especially during the holidays. Of course a black, silver, or gold dress would be fitting as well. The interest in each of these dresses comes with the texture. In the first dress, the pleats add a lovely flow and movement that draw the eye in. The bodice of the second dress is a beautiful lace overlay, which is everywhere right now and adds a feminine touch without being too overwhelming. Though the sheath silhouette of the third dress is seen often, the hard lines of the sleeves and pockets take this seemingly simple dress to the next level. The completer piece of all three of these dresses comes with the belt and cinching around the waist. It shows off the figure in a tasteful way and is simple enough not to take away from the entire look. Add black tights and pumps to any one of these dresses and you have a killer party outfit.
Can’t find a dress you love or would rather break your look down into separates? Give something similar to this outfit a try.
The basic here is the black tank top. Solid, fitted, and goes with anything. The pleated, flowy skirt adds interest both through its texture and bright color. The black cardigan is the completer piece and will keep the outfit looking sleek and tied together, but the darling bow at the neckline adds an extra touch to make it just a bit more special. The accessories here add some needed sparkle, along with those great snake skin pumps.
Whether you’re at the office, running errands in the cold on the weekend, or prepping for a nice night out to celebrate this wonderful time of year, you know you can always take the fashion formula with you.

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