A Fun & Simple Christmas Family Game Your Kids Will Love: Snowball Toss

A fun & simple Christmas family game your kids will love! This snowball toss game will be a crowd pleaser.

Shaving Cream Snow Ball Toss Game

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This game Shaving Cream Snowball Toss can be played with family members of all ages or for your holiday party.  It was our boys favorite mostly because it was so silly. I love to hear their belly laughs and watch them have so much fun with us. Seriously, it’s hard not to laugh when a grown man is wearing a shower cap with shaving cream, I mean snow on it.

This is the first of the games we will be showcasing this week! Stay tune for some more fun!

Snow Ball Toss Game

Here in our neck of the woods there is no snow. You have to drive an hour away and go near the top of the volcano to get snow.  We actually do go to the volcano on New Years Day and go play in the snow but this is so much more fun because it’s indoor where it’s nice and warm. If you don’t have snow or it’s too cold to play outside in the freezing cold snow here’s a fun game to enjoy with the family.

christmas family games

You will need:

  • Shaving cream or whipped cream
  • styrofoam balls
  • shower cap

1. Pick to people who will wear the shower caps and then divide players into each team.

2. Give each team a certain amount of snow balls and give them 1 or 2 minutes to see who can get the most balls on the shower cap. If you don’t have enough players to divide the team just play it with your child and time them they will enjoy themselves just as much.

If you are afraid of getting shaving cream thrown into some ones eyes use whip cream or have the person cover their eyes with their hands. Make sure you do this in an area that you don’t mind stray balls knocking something over.  It’s best to use styrofoam balls or something light like this so that no one gets hurt.

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  5. Thanks for sharing! I’m sure we can come up with this on our own, but do you put the shaving cream/whipped cream on the shower cap first, or are you dipping the “snowballs” in it first and then tossing? Looks like you fill the cap with the cream, but it wasn’t clear. The directions are a bit incomplete. Seems like a fun game either way! Just curious if you have a method that worked best. 🙂