Handmade Gifts: From Drab to Fab Hand Sanitizers


diy hand sanitizer gifts

Handmade Stocking Stuffer ideas #3: Hand Sanitizers can easily get blinged up with just a few items. If you haven’t been following along our first Stocking Stuffer gift idea was Snowman Bubbles these guys are adorable, then we shared a lovely DIY Mini Snow Globe and now we will share another easy but fabulous project: Drab to Fab Hand Sanitizers.

My 2 year old is making a stocking stuffer gift for his 5 year old brother so this is one that I thought would be easy for him to make and gift.  Plus, great for practicing his fine motor skills. if you’re doing this with a little one just make sure that he doesn’t consume the sanitizer.  I will be holding the bottle for him while he stuffs it with legos.

You will need a few basic items:

  • Hand sanitizer bottles
  • Objects: stickers, gems, toys
  • ribbon

1. Peel off the label from the hand sanitizer bottle.

2. For the fire truck above we used foil stickers so they don’t dissolve in the liquid. Insert into the bottle. Slightly roll up the sticker and insert it in the bottle. Flatten it out once it’s inside as shown below.


3. Tie ribbon and it’s good to go!





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