New Year’s Eve Countdown with Balloons

New Years ideas and games

Here’s another fun New Year’s Eve Activity that our family really enjoys: New Year’s Eve Countdown Balloon Activity. What I love about it is we can make it as slow paced or fast paced as we want it to be by the activities we choose for it. You can also start at any time of the evening and celebrate another countries New Year.  We had to do that when our kids were little and it worked just fine.

It’s great for the family or just a grown up party. You can tailor the activities inside each balloon to your crowd.  At the end of the post you will find other fun New Year’s Activities.

You will need to print out this clock face (by right clicking on it and then printing it off) or you can just write 9:00 p.m. on a piece of paper.  Right click on image and copy and paste it into your document. I could fit four of these onto my 8.5 X 11 paper. You can make them smaller and print on cardstock for cupcake toppers or food labels.  Just add the hands with a marker.

New Years Eve Countdown

On a sheet of paper write you activities based on the age of your crowd and insert them into your balloons before blowing them up.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Have a dance party!
  • Game night. It’s not too late to play Christmas Carol Charades. Loads of fun!
  • Wacky dinner. Eat breakfast for dinner.
  • Fondue dinner!
  • Play flashlight freeze tag- turn off all the lights and have the person who’s it hold the flashlight. If the light shines on you then you are frozen.
  • Bundle up and go outside and look at stars if you have an iphone you can download a cool stargazing app. click to see 10 to choose from. Or if it’s cloudy make animals, that’s what we had to do the other night.
  • Watch a Movie on a Projector or if it’s not snowing have an outdoor movie time or indoors and make it a drive in movie with box cars.
  • Roast Marshmallows over on a fire pit, inside your home over a candle or fireplace…. and make smores.
  • Play New Years charades.  Have each person write down what down a  short goal or New Year’s resolution like –start running, read more books… Then have everyone place them in a bowl. Divide the team in two and have the each team pick one out and guess what it is before their time is up.
  • Go outside and take a night walk with flashlights.
  • Fill out your Time Capsule “Looking Back at the Year”, printable and place it in your time capsule. Make one if you haven’t already it can take less than 10 minutes if you want by recycling a can of Pringle’s.
  • Karaoke! We do this very non-professional. Go to the YouTube Karaoke Channel and I use my good ol thumb mic to sing. Seriously, if you haven’t done it with your kids it’s a lot of fun. They have tons of playlist with lyrics for you to browse through.
  • Pray in the new year. When it’s midnight have a family prayer time and give thanks to God for all your blessings from the year.
  • Share your top 3 cool or funny experiences of the year.
  • Have a Scavenger Hunt. Write out the letters to New Years in a separate sheet of paper throughout the house or in your yard and then have the kids find them and piece it together. We did this for Halloween and the kids had so much fun trying to find Happy Halloween.
  • Indoor camping my kids had so much fun doing this for Christmas with their cousins.

All you need is to pop the balloon and take out the paper from the balloon and enjoy your fun activity.

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