Valentines Day: DIY Picture Holder

DIY Picture Holder

Simple is good. Simple and beautiful is fabulous! This DIY Valentines Picture Holder is exactly that: simple and beautiful.

I am really tempted to keep it for myself b/c I love this black and white picture of him and it works perfectly with the simplicity of the photo holder My plan is to give it to my husband with a picture of us. Don’t worry he doesn’t read my e-zine so I am not worried that he will see it before Valentines day.  Actually, I think it’s a perfect gift for anytime of the  year. My mind is racing with all that you can do with this. You can also use it at a party and place it in front of the food with the labels or a wedding with pictures of you as couples or make it smaller and use it at a dinner party with each persons name on it.

Okay, I can’t move on without saying that my man is hot! Now, we can move forward.

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diy photo frame valentines

What you will need:

  • medium size rock
  • wire 18 gauge or anything else that is sturdy but bendable
  • picture

Felt heart:

  • felt
  • thread and needle
  • cotton or batting
  • newspaper

felt heart

1. Take your wire and wrap it around the rock and then twist it.

2. For the heart you will need to trace a heart shape onto the felt and cut it out. Since it was small I just used cotton to stuff it and it worked fine. I also have used toilet paper when I don’t have batting for cotton. Then I used fuchsia thread and sewed it together and then stuffed it. I used a small piece of newspaper and white paper for the smaller hearts and glued it on.

3. Run the wire through the back of the heart and have it come out the middle of the back of the heart. This is how you will hold you picture together. If you find that your heart is sliding down just add some glue to it.

4. Wrap the wire twice around a pen to make the picture holder and then cut the wire.

5. Place a love note on the rock or a quote or if you are doing our Love Coupon print one out and use that instead.  The Love Coupons is a family tradition we do every year as a family. It’s really fun and this year I included a printable with lots of ideas see here.

Simple and lovely!

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5 Responses to “Valentines Day: DIY Picture Holder”

  1. January 18, 2013 at 10:45 am #

    Such a sweet idea!

  2. January 18, 2013 at 10:12 pm #

    Love it! A great craft for kids to make. I’d love one!


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