DIY Paper Bag Lanterns

paper bag lantern

Another way to spice up your evening party, romantic dinner or your family meal is with these lovely Paper Bag Lanterns.  Perfect for a fun family meal for Valentines day.  Also, the first thing that came to my mind when I lit them was, “I wish I had thought of this for our wedding.”

One of my boys is all about the ambience a chip off the block. That’s one of my requirement for eating out, that the ambience is appealing as well as the food. For me an appealing ambience doesn’t mean fancy.

I rarely serve fancy meals in our home but this doesn’t stop my son he loves to set-up candle lit dinners for us with fancy napkins and fresh flowers that he cuts from the garden. There’s nothing like eating pizza, sipping water from a wine glass and enjoying it all with candle lighting. I know he is going to love my new creation. This simple project is the perfect touch for a “fancy” meal.

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diy paper bag lantern

All you need is a bag, scissors, glue and paper doilies.

First figure out where you are going to glue the doilies. Then cut hearts around that area. I didn’t have a heart punch, I did it by hand but it most certainly would be a lot easier if you did.

Glue doilies on.

Place your battery candle or real candle that is in a glass votive.  You don’t just want to place a bare candle in unless you have filled it with sand of some sort first.

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