Creative Love Note Ideas – Project #1

Creative Love Note Ideas

Creative Love Note Ideas is a 3 post series to give you simple ways to say, “I LOVE YOU” to the special person in  your life. The projects can be tweaked so they can be a kid craft but not so much the tips below unless it’s your child giving it to mom or dad. I will feature the kid version of these projects over here at A Mom Not A Pro.

I love getting letters (bills don’t count), a real one that I get to hold in my hand. With all the techy ways to send messages to each other now these days Christmas (maybe my birthday) is the only time I can count on getting at least one piece of mail from the post office from a friend.

Here are some creative ways to show you spouse that you love them by counting the ways you love them through various creative love notes.  Stop by andsee how to get creative with love notes in the bathroom: Shakespeare, Hearts and Toothpaste. Are you curious?

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creative love note ideas

1. Love Pins- All you need is a clothes pin, glue and fun paper. Draw your envelope on a square. Cut the envelope in half. Glue to clothes pin and then cut out a rectangle and write your note on that and glue it to the back of your clothes pin. When you squeeze it open you should be able to see your love note. The kid version of this you can find here.

2. Hide a note in their shoe (that they can see) and write on, “You’re my “sole” mate.”

3. Hide a note in their coat pocket if they wear one or their bill fold or favorite book. Somewhere you know they will get it that day not months to come.

4. If they read the newspaper over one of the pictures with a sharpie write them a note. If they are particular about their paper being handled then just slip a note inside it somewhere.

5. Leave a note on the dashboard of their car or hanging from the rear view mirror and write “I’ve got my eye on you.”

You can make all of these ideas listed above as simple or as creative as you want by adding ribbon, using fun paper, purchasing a card….

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