Kid Space Decor: DIY Easy Wall Art

diy wall art

Making your own wall art just got easier because it doesn’t require any drawing or painting!

Do you recall last month we shared with you our repurposed crib craft- Kids Work Station? It was such a fun project you should go check it out. The whole Kids Work Station area was made from repurposed items around our house.

These are really easy. I love quotes but I am not always ready to commit to have them painted on a canvas forever. So this was a cute idea I came up with.  You will need some blank canvases, your favorite quotes, push pins and binder clips.

All I did was take my blank canvas and insert a push pin at the top with the binder clip. I clipped my quote on. Tada! It’s finished!

diy wall art

Seriously, easy and now I can switch them around. You can use quotes from an old children’s book, vellum quotes book (craft store), type it up and print it out or just write it on a piece of notebook paper!


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