Easter Family Project: DIY Cross Activity

diy cross activity for kids and youth

Contributing Writer: Carla Ackermann from Breathing Deep Where the Air is Thin

Why is it that sometimes we spend weeks and weeks doing things for Christmas but almost nothing for Easter? Without Easter, Christmas would mean nothing.

Jesus, taking on human limitations, being born fully man, while remaining fully God – it’s all amazing – but He did it with a purpose.

He had a Reason.

It wasn’t to show off that He could do it –

It was so that He could live as we live, and then allow himself to be killed in order to bring us to God; to save us.

Easter is the most integral celebration of our faith and it is time to celebrate it! Here is something meaningful that you could do with your family.

cross activity for the family

First, make a small cross.  Use some of the small logs from your fireplace or grab scraps of 2 x4s.  Nail them together and then secured them further with some twine.

 cross activity

On Good Friday, sit down as a family and read the crucifixion story.  Talk about what Jesus did and how He felt. Discuss how amazing it is that we get both our punishment taken from us and we get the prize of eternal life, even though we deserved none of it.

Have everyone write down (or draw a picture for the younger kids) of something they want to confess; sins they are sorry for.  Then have everyone pin or “nail” these papers to the cross.

As a family, spend some time praying and thanking Him for His gift of forgiveness and for His sacrifice.  After praying, bring your cross, with the papers pinned onto it, and put it in your empty fireplace to signify the tomb.

There the cross and sins will sit until Easter morning:

Resurrection Sunday.

No greater day could there ever be.

easter activity: resurrection rolls

On Easter morning, make some “resurrection rolls” with your kids.  These rolls have been around for years, but if you have never made them before, you should it’s a great object lesson.  It is fun, really simple and you have a rather tasty treat to boot!

He had risen from the dead!

cross activity

You children will be enthralled with both the lesson and the yumminess of the rolls.  A great lesson and a delicious Easter breakfast!

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