Cooking with Kids: Edible Dirt Flower Pots

worm and dirt flower pot dessert

Aren’t these edible Worm and Flower Pots cute and fun?

We made them over Easter, for a fun Easter Egg hunt we hosted with our family and friends at an orphanage.  I really wanted to spoil the kids at the orphanage since I know they don’t have mommies who will take the time to do this for them. And just as I thought the kids LOVED them.

Cooking with Kids: Edible Dirt Flower Pots

I never got around to sharing the recipe but I thought this would be the perfect Earth Day edible dessert to make for the kids. Dirt, earth worms, and flowers,  fit right in with Earth day. It’s really, really easy and NO baking is involved which makes it a great dessert to make with your kids if your little ones enjoy cooking with you.

Edible Worm and Dirt Flower Pots


  • chocolate cake pound cake or whatever type of chocolate cake you like
  • plain vanilla round cookies sandwich cookies or a thick cookie you can insert the skewer through
  • gummy worms
  • icing
  • mini skewers
  • caramel ice cream sauce
  • cups
  • green tissue paper

1. Take your chocolate cake and place it in a ziploc bag and smash it. If you have kids they will enjoy doing this part.

2. Once it’s all crumbled place it in a bowl then  1/2 cup of caramel ice cream sauce.

3. Place your “dirt” inside cups. Now add green tissue to your skewers if you would like, for the leaves.

4. Take your plain cookies and decorate them with your icing (homemade icing is really easy to make if you don’t want to purchase it). Place in the middle a small round candy before the icing dries. Let your kids decorate them how ever they want.

5. Once icing has dried run your skewer through the back of the cookie. If it won’t stay use corn syrup as your “glue”.  You may need to do this part and have your kids watch.

6.  Insert your cookies into the dirt and add your gummy worms.

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