Motherhood: Celebrating the Difference

moms celebrate the difference

In honor of Mother’s Day, 22 blogger moms are uniting forces to Celebrate the Difference in Motherhood!

We come in all different shapes, sizes and shades from all over the world, that’s the beauty of diversity. So why would we expect to all parent in the same way? As moms we are constantly under attack, with the most recent coming from The Wall Street Journal against mom bloggers which happened to be written by a woman.  That kind of nonsense is exactly why we want to come together and show the world how women can support one another, instead of  tearing each other down.

Sweet mom feel free to choose: To blog. To nurse. To home school. To not spank. To do private education. To use cloth diapers. To have 5 children. To not feed our children organic food. Or whatever it maybe that enriches your family. We want to give you a high-five and encourage you to do that which blessed your kids, your husband and brings peace to your mind and home.

It’s not a matter of having more tolerance of our differences, it’s a matter of showing each other respect and kindness. Showing respect to each other even if we choose differently for our families is a valuable lesson we can impart to our children. God knows, parenting is hard enough we don’t need any more people “booing” us off stage. What we need is someone to walk along our side.

Moms let’s support one another and celebrate the difference!

Each blogger will share a parenting story on whatever topic of her choice. Stop by to laugh, cry and be encouraged in your parenting journey. We hope you walk away encouraged!

Celebrating the differences of Motherhood is brought to you by our host, Inspired by Family, and by the following contributing blogs: Kids Activities Blog, Rainbows within Reach, Powerful Mothering, Fun-a-Day, The Pleasantest Thing, Royal Baloo, Laly Mom, True Aim Education, Kids Stuff World, Milk and Cuddles, The Imagination Laboratory, Smiling like Sunshine, Teach Beside Me,  JDaniel 4’s Mom, Kitchen Counter Chronicle, My Nearest and Dearest, Nate and Rachel, Two-Daloo, Mamas Like Me, Mama Miss, One Mommy. Martys MusingsMothering From Scratch and Creative World of Vayra.
If you are a blogger and you have a story or something to share on how you celebrated motherhood, feel free to add a link to your post so we can read your story as well. Note: by sharing you give us permission to feature you (attributing of course).

You can link up here: Click here

Here’s the schedule for you to follow along. As they go up I will update our schedule, so stay tune. Or you can follow along via our Moms Share Pinterest Board where all the post will be pinned,  Facebook or email.

May 1st: Inspired by Family – Let’s lift each other up not tear each other down

Kids Activities Blog -Simple but meaningful  Our Mother’s Day {Start a Tradition}

2nd: Rainbows Within Reach – Mothering through a Grandmothers Perspective

Powerful Mothering – What my little ones mean to me when words aren’t enough: Dear Little Ones….

3rd: Fun A Day – One mama shares: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

The Pleasantest Things – Another idea instead of long journaling: Snapshot of Today: Letters to my…

4th: Royal Baloo–  Slow Down, Motherhood

Laly Mom – OMG! I used to be someone’s baby!

5th: True Aim Education – Trading in Motherhood

6th: Milk and Cuddles – Celebrating Mother’s Day When You No Longer Have Your Mother

Kids Stuff World – Letter to a New Mom

7th: The Imagination Laboratory: Blessings in the Journey of Motherhood– Overcoming hardships for the sake of your children

Smiling Like Sunshine: Mindful Parenting

Mothering from Scratch–  Enjoying Seasons of Motherhood

8th: Teach Beside Me – I am a Woman

J Daniel 4’s Mom – Yes, Mom is Part of My Name

9th: Kitchen Counter Chronicles – How to Support Mothers this Mother’s Day

My Nearest and Dearest – The Importance of Mom Friendships

10th: Twodaloo – A Moment from NICU

Nothing if Not Intentional – Mamas Need Sleep

11th: Mamas Like Me – Are you a Mama Like Me?

Mamas Miss – I Celebrate You

Marty’s Musings – A Letter for Adoptive Moms

12th: There’s Just One Mommy – Motherhood Changes You

Creative World of Vayra – To Be a Mother

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  1. May 4, 2013 at 4:25 am #

    I’m excited for this blog tour! What a wonderful message you all are spreading!


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