Traveling Adventures with the Familia: South America

traveling with kids

Traveling can be very stressful.

Traveling with kids can be STRESSFUL.

But I don’t want this to keep us from discovering the world around us.  Because there is so much culture, adventure and memories to be made when we step out of our comfort zone as a family and explore the world together.

What got me thinking about starting this series are these three things:

First, when I was little we didn’t travel much mostly because we couldn’t afford it but to this day I still remember the trip we took as a family to Mexico. It was quite the fun-filled adventure. We bonded as a family in our 36 hour car ride as we endured running out of gas, flat tire, a fart-filled car ride, learning how to drive up mountains….

Second of all, I have enjoyed doing freelance writing for the Miami Herald sharing about my traveling experiences with my family abroad so I am excited to bring you this series, “Traveling Adventures with the Familia.” Maybe Quito Tourism will pick me up as a freelance writer for them, wouldn’t that be fun.

Lastly, before I travel somewhere near or far, I do my research. As a mom, I want to know how to dress my kids, what to pack for snacks, how much it cost, what the personnel is like, is it kid friendly, do they have bathrooms… But usually the only thing I can find is a website with important but generic information: how to get there and the fees.  As a mom of 3 kids all under the age 0f 9 I want to know more. So I will be giving you more of the details.

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Our first stop in our traveling adventures with our familia is in South America in our lovely Ecuador! Then we will move towards the beautiful country of Peru and we will even do a post on traveling to the U.S. for my foreigner friends. So if you  have kids you will enjoy our fun-filled series: Traveling Adventures with the Familia. We will begin our series with: Exploring Ecuador with Kids.

In this series, I will share helpful tips for adventurous and not so adventurous families who dare travel with children. The tips will vary from topics on: traveling with kids, money-saving tips (we are frugal travelers), the hotels and restaurants we recommend and consider family friendly and other educational information that your familia will enjoy learning prior to traveling.

14 Things to Do in Quito Ecuador with Kids Also printed in The Miami Herald newspaper and on their website here.

Multicultural Living also printed in The Miami Herald

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