Fun Facts: Exploring Ecuador with Kids

exploring ecuador with kids

Our first stop in our series “Traveling Adventures with the Familia” is Ecuador. Here are some fun facts to share with them before you head down south. One of the things I highly recommend to families who are wanting to raise globally minded children, is to travel. And you don’t even have to go very far. I know it sounds basic but so many people think that the only way to raise globally  minded children is by leaving their own country. Even better let’s start by connecting our children to our own cultural background and heritage, that can happen right in your own home.

You don’t have to go outside of your state or country to discover another culture. Just by traveling beyond our little community we get to experience different cultures not too far from home.  Explore your surrounding areas and find out where there are international communities. Stop in their grocery store, go to one of the restaurants there, walk the neighborhoods.  When we lived in South Carolina we just had to drive 30 minutes out to find the southern country culture that is not our own and let me tell you we learned a lot from just walking into one of their little corner stores.

But if you do have the opportunity to travel. Please do! I absolutely love traveling with my family!  We left the U.S. 4 years ago, with only 4 suit cases, our little family of four and big dreams. We were headed South, really, really South and moved to Ecuador located in the continent of South America. We have thoroughly enjoyed this country: the people, the picturesque scenery and the culture. On November 2012, it was named the Best of the World by National Geographics in their 20 Best Destinations to visit in 2013. How exciting!  So here are some fun facts to share with your kids about Ecuador.

kids explore geography

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For a small country Ecuador is quite diverse, there are snow-capped volcanoes, cloud forest, tropical jungles and amazing beaches.  The highest active volcano in the world can be found in Ecuador, called Cotopaxi.  You can drive up a short way and capture the scenic view and if you’re feeling adventurous you can hike up a short but steep distance to the “refuge house” and enjoy some hot chocolate.  We did hike up to the Cotopaxi Refuge as a family, get the details here.

  • The language spoken here is Spanish and there are other indigenous indian dialects like Quechewa.
  • A main attraction here is that the Equator which runs through the country.
  • Most people don’t realize, here in Ecuador we use the dollar as our currency.
  • It’s population is Population:13,032,000 Capital:Quito; 1,451,000 ~ stats via National Geographics.
  • It’s popular export goods that we are known for are: bananas, coffee and roses.
  • Did you know we can buy 24 roses for $2.

This is a fun interactive website to discover more about Ecuador: Explore and More.  Or Coloring pages: Blue-footed booby bird, flag or country.

Here are some fun animals you will randomly see in Ecuador! The llamas you will find roaming around in various national parks and at Metropolitano park in Quito.

ecuador animals


This is one of the traditional clothing for Ecuadorians: traveling adventures with the family

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