Simple Summer Snack: Jello Pirate Ship Cups

pirate jello cups

I had been planning my sons 8th Pirate party in my head for months before his birthday.  Mostly because there are so many things I can’t find in this country so I have to pick them up in the summer 9 months before his birthday.  So that means that in our house for 9 months I have requests from my boys on: party decor, who they want there, what kind of treats and games they want…

I love how this party turned out!

Thankfully, my mother-in-law traveled down to visit us for their birthdays. She helped me tons!  You know how you have all those little ideas floating around in your head that aren’t so little once you actually start making them. I know all of you crazy party planning mamas know exactly what I mean.

This Pirate Ship Jello Cups were actually easy and healthy to put together. As I mentioned we can’t find a lot of crafty items here so I made the pirate toothpicks flags from fabric and stickers. They are great for a fun and simple summer snack or for a party themed gathering!

pirate jello cups


  • blue jello
  • apple wedges
  • tooth picks
  • fabric for flag
  • pirate skull stickers

1. Follow the directions on the Jello package and then add it to clear cups. Place in fridge.

2. Once they have solidified add your apple wedges.

3. To make the flags just cut out rectangles from fabric, place the stickers in the center and glue onto toothpicks.

4. Insert flags into apples and you’re set!

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