DIY Bubbles Solution & Magical Wand (Kids Gift Idea)

diy bubbles solution and wand 1

So for over a year I have been wanting to make a cute magical bubbles wand and I finally got around to it.  I have tested tons of bubbles solutions and I am still looking but this one works just fine.

This wand is absolutely adorable that I am going to give it as a gift with this diy bubbles solution.


I was testing it out and I must admit bubbles are one of those things that whisk you away back to your childhood. I seriously blew bubbles for like 20 minutes and finally I gave in to my sons request to give him a turn, ha, ha, ha.

DIY Bubbles Solution Recipe

1/2 cup dishwashing detergent

4 1/2 cup water

4 tablespoons glycerin or corn syrup

Note: Don’t mix it or shake it up b/c you don’t want it to lather. The longer the mixture sits before using, the better results you’ll see.

I found these great tips over here: “Contaminating the mix with grass, dirt, sand, sunscreen, food & drinks. Humidity less than 30%. Direct sunlight. Dusty air. Strong breezes that burst all big bubbles. Foamy build-up (skim it off). Non-detergent soaps such as bar soap – the wrong soaps will ruin your mix! Children and pets who want to pop every bubble you make! (Hint #1: make a few small ones for them to chase while you focus on the big ones! Hint #2: teach kids how to keep a bubble aloft with the movement of their hands, to try and blow a bubble inside a bubble, or catch one on a wet hand. Hey! Bubbles are NOT just for popping anymore!)”

Magical Bubbles Wand

  • 18 gauge floral wire or craft wire (find at a craft store/hardware store)
  • Assorted beads
  • pliers

bubbles wand

I will share with you how to make the one I made below but here’s a more simplified way to do it since it doesn’t involve lots of twisting and turning wire. picture via Kleas.

I did what you see above for the step 1 and 2 but then instead of adding the beads in a straight line I added one bead and twisted the wire then added another bead and twisted the wire as shown below.

diy bubbles solution and wand

If you plan on gifting these just use some cute paper for the label and glue it onto the front of the jar and share!

summer fun - diy bubbles


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  1. I love everything about this, Mari. The beads, the not-so-perfect twisted wire, the little jar of bubble mix…. THey’re loving it over on my facebook page too! 🙂

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