Back to School Party: Easy Crayon Cake

easy back to school cake

Don’t let how cute this cake turned out, intimidate you. It’s actually really easy to put together.

I especially like all the fun colors!

A few days ago, I shared our chalkboard invites here that I made from popsicle sticks. Today I am sharing how to create this back to school crayon cake.

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Back to School Crayon Cake


  • round cake (small homemade or bought)
  • round stick wafers
  • white chocolate
  • food coloring
  • colored paper
  • vanilla icing

1. Bake your round cake as instructed on the box and place your favorite vanilla icing over it.  Make sure whatever icing you use that it’s stiff not runny otherwise the “crayons” you’re about to make, won’t stick to it.


For the crayons. Melt your white chocolate. I melt my white chocolate by boiling water in a pot and placing a heat resistant glass bowl over it, with the chocolate inside. The microwave method for white chocolate doesn’t work for me from some reason it works for chocolate but it always scorches my white chocolate.  Anyways, the boiling method allows me to reboil the water if the chocolate hardened in the process. I just turn on the stove again on low medium heat and the chocolate melts again with the right consistency.  Place the chocolate in small bowls so you can add food coloring and then mix. Note: Sometimes I add a tiny dab of shortening to my white chocolate if I feel like I’m going to have to reboil.

1 Dip the ends of each wafer in the chocolate colored mixture. Let them dry.

2. Cover your wafers with the colored paper that fits the wafer sticks just right where the ends are peaking out, as shown in picture above. I found it easier to draw the black lines on the paper before placing it on the wafer.  Use tape.

3. Use the white chocolate as glue and add to the back of the crayon paper and immediately place onto the side of the cake.

Top the cake with sprinkles and a chocolate covered oreo apple.

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