Get to Know My Child Printable

I have used this type of printable since my kids were in preschool and it has been so helpful for all parties involved.  For some of the questions I have my son help me answer.

Parents:  This doesn’t have to be something you do the first week of school. So if you’ve already started school don’t hesitate to print it out and send it with your child.

Teachers: This is a great printable to send your home with your students. Again as I mentioned above it doesn’t have to be done on the first day of school.

This Get to Know My Child printable has helped me share with the teacher about my boys and give them a better understanding of my child.  Teachers are super busy the first week of school so this helps me connect with them concerning my child without necessarily needing to meet with them.

Get to know my child printable

You can print it out in color or black and white.  Download here for FREE: get to know my child printable.

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