Kid Friendly Ways to Spread Kindness at Home {free printable}

kid friendly ways to promot kindness at home

This project started because one day my boys were at each others throat. I am sure you have no idea what that’s like (wink, wink).  I asked my oldest if he could grab some paper and a pen because I needed him to write three kind things he could do for his brother instead of being mean.  At first I was thinking I was going to have him write him a letter but this seemed to fit his personality so we went with this idea.  He had a hard time coming up with concrete things to do for his brother but I just let him write what he came up with.  I then asked him to pick one of those things to do as an apology to his brother.

Later I thought maybe  next time I will come up with a list or brainstorm some ideas with them when we are not in the heat of the moment. Print out this list and put it on your fridge of somewhere handy so that you can use it the next time your child is not being kind to someone in the family or a friend.

I shared here my Calm Down Jar and now I want to share this Spreading Kindness in the Home Idea, enjoy!

12 kid friendly ways to spread kindness at home

To download this free printable click here 12 kid friendly ways to spread kindness at home

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