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As you may have noticed I have been sharing with you along with AT&T the It Can Wait campaign with you all.

I have been doing and AT&T has been involved in this because no text is worth dying for. The goal behind this campaign is to save lives, to create awareness and to get others sharing the message with their friends and family that It Can Wait!

So pass it on and share the message with your friends and family, “It Can Wait!”

Passengers have an impact … speaking up is key.

·    90% say they’d stop if a friend in the car asked them to; while 93 percent would stop if a parent in the car asked them to.

·    Take the pledge, speak up … and don’t text and drive!

·    And now more than ever, they’re calling on people like me (and you) to join the movement and help raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving.

If you must communicate with someone while driving here is a safe way to do it. You can download the app for free.

How does the DriveMode®app work?

·    Once downloaded and set up, the app will turn on automatically once your vehicle starts moving 25 miles per hour. Then anyone who tries to text or send email will receive an auto reply message telling them you’re currently driving and will get back to them soon.

·    When the app is turned on, all calls will automatically be sent to voicemail; however, the user can identify up to five numbers that can always be dialed, and 911 calls are always allowed.

·    When setting up the app, the user has the option to select one navigation and one music app that can be accessed while DriveMode is turned on.

·    While enabled, depending on your device, the app also stops incoming sounds for texts, emails and voice calls – so you’re less tempted to grab your phone.

·    The app automatically turns off once the vehicle is going less than 25 miles per hour for 5 minutes and then the user can view the calls, messages and emails as they normally would.

The AT&T DriveMode mobile application is free

·    AT&T is offers the application for free for its BlackBerry and Android wireless customers. Data and text messaging charges may apply for download and app usage.

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  1. September 25, 2013 at 10:29 am #

    Sounds like good sense to me.

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