DIY Halloween Party Favor: Witch Hat Jello Play Dough Craft & Recipe

My kids have so much fun with play dough. And before you think these party favors are only for little ones think twice. When I was a counselor I would have play dough out for kids to “play” with during our session and the older kids picked it up as much as the little ones.

I am always trying to find alternatives to Halloween candy that aren’t boring like raisins but fun.  This DIY Halloween Party Favor: Witch Hat Craft Scented Play Dough is sure to do the trick!  And what’s so great about it is your kids can help you make them!

diy halloween party favor

Making your own play dough is cheaper than buying it and it’s even more economical for giving away as party favors.  Here’s the recipe for the Jello Play Dough we wanted it green so we used lime flavored jello.

DIY Halloween Party Favor: Witch Hat Jello Play Dough Craft

Jello Play Dough Recipe

  • 1 cp of flour
  • 1 cp of water
  • 1/4 cp of salt
  • 2 tbl of oil
  • 1 tbl cream of tartar
  • 1 box of green colored jello

Mix all the ingredients together and cook over low. Make sure you stir frequently.

Cook for 5-7 minutes, constantly stirring.

Once the dough starts to gather together into a ball you can take it off the stove.

Let it cool and knead it.  Store in a air tight container.  Ours kept for months. We stored ours in the fridge.

I shared over on Kids Activities blog how to make the simple witch hat here.

And I made some cute tags to go with you that you can download for free here: Halloween tags

witching you a happy halloween

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