Thanksgiving Countdown & Gratitude Activity


thanksgiving countdown & gratitude

This month as we usher into the season of joy, service, gratitude, family and yummy food let’s take a few moments with our kids to instill a value that they will take them a long way in life: gratitude.

Do you know of anyone who is constantly complaining?

Who points out the negative in everything?

I always wonder when exactly did this pattern begin(it’s the counselor in me that wonders). Did it start young? Did something happen? Was it gradual? How do their families tolerate the cloud of negativity everyday?

I have a little guy who is prone to negativity and I hope and pray that as we work on being thankful that he will slowly replace that negativity with thankfulness. I love to hear my children being thankful, it’s music to my ears and I am sure most parents feel the same way.

Check out all the activities shared last year for our 21 Days of Gratitude Challenge and what we will be sharing this year for 21 Days of Gratitude . Also, get all the details here and the printable gratitude prompts to stick on your fridge as a reminder. #21Gratitude

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How to make your own Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar:

I made this no sew countdown calendar from burlap. And I used these Gratitude prompts to insert inside each pocket.

All you need is:

  •  a large piece of burlap
  • wooden dowel
  • paper bags

1. You will want to lay your bags out first before you cut the burlap. Here I share 5 Ways to Keep Burlap from Unraveling.

2. Number the paper bags and glue them on.

3. I used an old piece of wood from a crate and just glued the burlap to it and it worked just fine.

4. Fill them in with your gratitude prompts. I used these prompts from last year but I will be updating them tomorrow for you all. We take turns filling in the prompt at dinner time but you can take them with you wherever you are and do them in the car, while waiting in line…

Note: I made a simple banner from Fall colored paper for the top. I use this for different holidays so I just change up the banner to go with the holiday. I love that it’s multi-purposed!

Thanksgiving gratitude countdown



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