Christmas Homework Coupons {Homeschool friendly}

homeschooling couponsI came across some cute Christmas homework coupons that I really liked but they just didn’t work for our homeschool situation because they said things like “do this with your class”.  So I decided to make my own and share them with you.   They are pretty generic so they would work for your classroom or for your homeschooler/s.

I do realize we all do school differently in our homes but I thought for the most part these could work if you have a structured homeschool time.  Ours isn’t super structured but there are some things I’m pretty strict about. During his school day he doesn’t get to snack while working, that happens at “recess”.  He can’t wear his pj’s all day. For my son his clothing affects his attitude so this is why we don’t allow pj’s during the school day.

Enjoy your Christmas break!


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