DIY Valentine’s Day Gift: Love Notes Frame

Valentines day gift for spouse

This is the easiest and most meaningful gift you can give your spouse because who doesn’t like words of affirmation now and then.  This Dry Erase Love Notes Frame is simple to put together.

I placed one of my favorite pictures of us from back when we were dating. The picture was actually taken at his sweet ex-girlfriends wedding whom we still keep in touch with.  I love this picture because it captures how much fun we have together. I have no idea what we were laughing about but we were having a blast.

Ten years later, I’m married to this man.

We have 3 precious children.

We love each other deeply but we often forget to appreciate each other for the little things. One of the ways I receive love is through words of affirmation but I married a loving and kind man–of few words.  He loves me with his actions, constantly serving me and our family but words come harder to him.  So this year I decided that instead of being frustrated because I don’t get those words of affirmation on a regular basis that I would be more intentional about giving it to him.  Heck, who knows it might inspire him to do the same. Honestly, though this is how I receive love it’s not how I give it so I struggle in being intentional in this area myself.

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift: Love Notes Frame


  • Empty frame
  • paper
  • dry erase marker or crayon

1. You can use a frame with double panels or just a simple frame and not include a picture of the both of you.

2. Fill in one of the sides with fun paper or a solid color sheet of paper.

3. At the top of the sheet of paper write: I love you because… or I appreciate you because… or as I put in mine, Smitten by…

4. That’s it!  The hard part is remember to write a note in it so make sure you put the frame in a place you will see it on a daily basis.  I put ours on the bathroom shelf.

Another fun twist is you can make one for your child or have your child make one for Mother’s day or Father’s day.



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