Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

IMG_3445 One of the traditions we started two years ago was a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt that would lead them to their Valentine’s day book (I share here about this tradition) and treat.  It’s really easy to put together and your kids will enjoy it!

You can also modify this activity for an adult Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt.  Basically, we placed clues inside the balloons and the boys stomped on the balloons to get the clues out.  Or if your kids hate the thought of popping a balloon attach the clue to the outside of the balloon.

valentines day scavenger hunt

Valentine’s Day Balloon Scavenger Hunt

What you’ll need:

scavenger hunt clues (coming soon)


small pieces of paper


1. Place clues in balloon or hanging from the outside of the balloon.

2. Let the kids know that the clues will lead to their treat.

3. Have fun and go with your child’s leading.  Even if it’s not exactly what you planned.

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