Meaningful Valentine’s Day Family Tradition

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I’ve always enjoyed giving my husband homemade Valentine’s Day card.  But when I came up with this idea one year when my first born was little I decided this would be our new tradition.

With this tradition your kids will end up with keepsakes of your love for each other, a book, and your spouse gets a love letter from you).   My hope is that when they get older they can read these to their kids and at the back of the book is my love note to my husband.  So not only will they be filled with memories of our love but our grandkids would also get a glimpse of the love seeds their grandparents (and of course we reaped from our parents love) planted years ago for them to reap from.

So all you need is a Valentine’s day book.  It doesn’t matter if it’s used or new but you do want it in good condition as you can see from the picture above my little one ripped off the cover from one of the books.

Write a note to your SPOUSE on the back sharing your love and appreciate for them.

Give it to your spouse on Valentine’s Day and then read it to your kids for bedtime and place it in the shelf.

Simple enough, right?  And it’s so very meaningful. Hopefully, I’m alive to see my grandkids enjoy it.


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