10 Boredom Buster Indoor Activities for Kids

boredom buster indoor activities for kids
Is this weather keeping you locked up inside?  Or are you like me and staying close to home the best option?  I can’t believe I just wrote that statement because just 5 years ago I dreaded the thought of staying home all day with the kids.  But now I’m content.  Not sure what changed but I like that I had the opportunity to enjoy both extremes and now I’ve found my happy median.30 days of play

Anyways,  those of you who have been following our 30 Days of Play Challenge here are some fun Valentine’s day crafts and activities for your kids to enjoy. If you’re not familiar with what I am talking about here’s a quick recap but you can get all the info here and why I was inspired to start this. You will also find a free printable so you can keep all your activities in one place on your fridge.

As I mentioned before you can choose to do 30 Days of Play however you want. I’m all about tweaking things so they work for you and your family so mix up the activities however, you wish and doing them once or five times a week. I’m doing two days a week.  What are you going to do?  I will start off our challenge with a Mom Mantra, Mom Tip and then our activities.

  1. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #30DaysofPlay and share about your time together on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or whatever other favorite social media you use.
  2. Play is contagious so let others know and inspire them to do the same by sharing this post, so they can join along in the play!
  3. You can also join our FREE Carpe Diem- Family Style Facebook Group – where you will find more encouragement and ideas because they grow up and are gone in the blink of an eye—so let’s be intentional about making each day count by seizing the moments with our children no matter what age they are and what phase of life they are in.

30 Days of Play Challenge – Days 16-20 (For the activities from Day 1-5 go here, Day 6-10 and 11-15.)

Mom Mantra: Re-energize.

Mom Tip: Find a way to at least get 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon for YOURSELF.  Yes, for some of you it may seem impossible but do it even if you have to lock your bathroom door. 🙂

Here are our fabulous 10 Boredom Buster Indoor Activities for Kids

Activity 16– Dr. Seuss Play Dough Mat – Coffee Cups and Crayons shares this simple and fun idea. You can tweak this activity for a three old on up to lower elementary. Don’t forget we celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday next month.

cat in the hat play dough mat

DIY 2 Ingredient Chalk Paint – My kids made a train track with their chalk fun.

DIY Chalk Paint

Activity 17 – Get started with some basic indoor gardening with this fun DIY Chia Pet. – Stop by  Lou Lou Girls blog for the details for this “indoor gardening” post.

diy chia pet

DIY Train Track N Go Mat – Hours of countless fun for the little ones.

diy train activity

Activity 18 – Color Scavenger Hunt – If this is too easy for you child, you can turn this into a foreign language activity. Find things you see in verde (green)  y rojo (and red). The Chirping Moms has more great activities to keep your kids entertained this winter season.

color scavenger hunt

Straw & Paper Shooter Planes are so easy to make and we even added an educational component to it.

straw and paper shooter

Activity 19 – Alligator from recycled items around your house and it even has a meaningful activity to go with it. Stop by Crayon Box Chronicles for the details.


Angry Birds Bookmark – Add some fun to your reading with these bookmarks

angry bird diy bookmarks

Activity 20 – Velcro Dot Craft Sticks – I’m thinking this would keep my boys busy for at least a good 30 minutes!  Stop by and see how you can make this fun craft over at Powerful Mothering.


DIY Bubbles Solution & magic wand – Kids of all ages (even adults) enjoy this simple activity.

summer fun - diy bubbles

And here’s our weekly giveaway from See the Light Art Lessons for children.  Here’s a link to a review at True Aim Education.  Good luck in the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
And now for our link up as always feel free to link up your 30 Days of Play activities below or any other activities that you’ve enjoyed doing with your kids or for yourself.  It can be: recipes, educational, inspiring post, kid’s activities…

Link up your resources! Oh and you’ll be glad to know that when you link up at Mom’s Library, your links will show up on these 8 wonderful blogs –Meaningful Mama,  True Aim Education,Crystal’s Tiny TreasuresiGame MomLife with Moore BabiesInspired by FamiliaMore Fun MomPounds for Pennies and Home is Where they Send Us. If you link up, you give us permission to use one of your photos with a link back to your content. I will be adding all of the posts I feature to my Pinterest boards.

And now for our link up as always feel free to link up your 30 Days of Play activities below or any other activities that you’ve enjoyed doing with your kids or for yourself. It can be: recipes, educational, inspiring post, kid’s activities… Link up your resources!

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