Presidential Family Dinner Fun Facts {Free Printable}

presidential fun facts 1

Weekday dinners is the place where we catch up, play and laugh.  And for some odd reason always spill a drink. It’s inevitable someone ALWAYS spills a drink during our weekday dinner.  Anyways, our boys are into riddles and fun facts so I thought I would come up with this fun Presidential Family Dinner Fun Facts printable.  Truth be told I also love learning interesting facts about famous people, it makes them more real to me.

Presidents day is around the corner so add some interesting facts about them to your day. I gathered some of these from following books: Three Presidents Died on the Fourth of July by Barbara Seuling and Don’t Know Much About The Presidents by Kenneth C. Davis.

I shared over on Disney this fun food art image of our presidents. Stop on over and guess what presidents portrait is missing.  It’s actually quite hilarious and clever. I think my kids will forever know the 22nd & 24th president because of this.  I also listed all of the 42 Presidents just incase you couldn’t name them.

Here’s your free printable just click here: Presidential Dinner Fun Facts. Just cut them out into strips and put them in a jar and have the kids read it. Or to make it a bit more challenging don’t tell them the name of the president and have them guess who it is.

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