100 Days of School Food Fun

100 days of school

This year 100th day of school was on Valentine’s talk about sugar overload.  Our school does a 100 Day Stew and the kids all bring 100 of something and it’s mixed into one huge container and then each child is given a bag of it.

I made these for my boys and my hubby who is an elementary school principal.  It was easy and fun!

Here he is practicing his old man with a cane moves.

100 days of school

100 Days of School Mustache

  • white chocolate
  • mustache mold
  • lollipop sticks

1. You will need to melt some white chocolate candy melts or I just used the white chocolate that you use for fondue machines. Follow the directions on your packaging so you don’t scorch it. I always add  a drop of shortening to it to make sure it doesn’t scorch.

2. Place the chocolate in the molds either using a bag or spooning it in. I spooned it in and worked just fine.  Make sure to wipe off around each mold so it will pop right out.

3. Place your sticks in and then let it cool.

Carefully remove it so the lollipop doesn’t fall out.  When I popped one of them out the chocolate melted weirdly and part of the lollipop was showing so I just added more of the chocolate to it and it worked just fine.

My 3 old men!

100 days of school


Last year, we also kept it very simple. I just cut out the number 100 from construction paper and bought ice cream sandwiches and rolled them in sprinkles. Voila, they LOVED it!

My son requested that we put baby powder in his hair to make it white and he took a cane to school.

100 days of school


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