Dr. Seuss Toilet Paper Roll Craft

dr. seuss kid craft

One of my boys is probably too old for Dr. Seuss activities but nonetheless he still enjoyed making this with his little brother.  My toddler wore his hat for hours and couldn’t’ wait for his daddy to get home to show him his awesome craft.

Dr. Seuss Toilet Paper Roll Craft

With my little guy, we practiced patterns and colors with this hat activity.  He then showed me all the red and white things around the house.


  • toilet paper roll tube
  • red and white construction paper
  • string
  • glue

1. Take your toilet paper tube and glue the white paper over the whole thing.

2. Then rotate the red in to make a pattern.

3. Make circle that’s bigger than the tp roll with the red paper and tape it to the hat. You’ll probably want paper that’s a bit more sturdy for this part or use paper reinforcements on the inside so it doesn’t easily tear.

4. Punch holes on each end and run your string to it.

dr. seuss activity 1

Then we had fun posing and taking pictures in our “photo booth”.  The great thing about photo booths is that they work for almost any setting: classroom, home, party…

dr. seuss photo activity

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

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