Simple Birthday Tradition: Waffle Birthday Cake

waffle cake birthday tradition

Every year around the beginning of March my kids excitedly discuss their birthday.  The conversation goes something like this, “Do you remember last year I got 10 huge pancakes?  Do you remember one year they were all different colors? Last years party was so cool, this year I want a spy party. No I want an Angry Birds party. Oh wait, maybe momma can make two cakes for me.  One for my class and one for my party.”  Let me just set the record straight  I refuse to do two birthday cakes for them. Once upon a time when I was a naïve mom and only had one child to worry about so I would make a cake for his class and one for his party, but NOT anymore.

So back to where I was going with this, I love hearing them reminisce of birthday parties past.  Though in the midst of it, I think about how I’ll never invite 40 kids again but usually at the end of the day, my husband reminds me how lucky our boys are to have a mom like me and one day they will appreciate all the work I put into making their day special. I won’t hold my breath for that day but these little conversations I hear them share amongst each other, for now is enough to put a smile on my face.

I’m not sure how this pancake tradition got started but we’ve been doing it for 7  years now and our boys look forward to their stack of pancakes. This picture is of my sweet boy celebrating his 8th birthday.


I can’t believe how fast they grow up. I’m so glad I wrote this post because I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at back at our pictures.

birthday pancakes

This year we changed it up some and they got a waffle birthday cake. I have two boys who celebrate back to back birthdays. One was born on the 22nd and the other on the 23rd with a three year difference.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our simple birthday tradition and it has encouraged you to start something that works for your family.  This year we changed it up to a waffle birthday cake and we celebrated with breakfast for dinner.  The kids loved the idea!  HERE you can find a collection of different traditions from other bloggers that you might want to incorporate.  Here’s our favorite Healthy Chocolate Belgian Waffle Recipe.

waffle cake

Yes, it was definitely a happy day for this little guy, breakfast for dinner with sprinkles.  What else can a 7 year old want for his birthday!

 birthday traditions 1

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