DIY Baskets From a Cereal Box

diy twine basket

Originally I made these baskets for our guest bathroom which is right next to our front door and it gets used a lot by little boys who are still learning to aim in the toilet.  On top of that the guest bathroom is a dreadful country blue, help! Needless to say, our guest bathroom needed a little something, something.

After a few months of having it in our bathroom I moved it to my desk and now I’m using it as a desk organizer.  I actually love it a lot more on my desk.

Can you believe this was a cereal box.  These baskets cost a good $12 at the store this cost me 0$ because I already had the supplies.

diy basket from cereal box

DIY Basket from Cereal Box Craft

It’s really easy to make and the fun part is that there was no sewing involved!!

cereal box craft

Supplies: Craft glue/hot glue gun, twine, large cereal box, fabric

1. First you need to cut the cereal box and tape up the end that you opened up.

2. Take some fabric and measure it around the cereal box and cut it that length and about 6 inches wide and glue it around the box.

3.  Fold fabric in half to 3 inches and glue.

4. Cover the box with twine by applying glue and pressing twine over it. Do that over the whole box.

5. Fold fabric over twine!

DIY Basket from cereal box

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