Easter Advent Countdown for Kids

Easter advent activity

Today is the perfect day for us to begin our Easter Advent countdown, on Palm Sunday!  This is a sweet time for our family as we take time each day and remember how much God loves us! But if for some reason you’re getting started late, don’t fret because guess what, it doesn’t matter.

Because my kiddos are still little I try to weave into our daily remembrance some fun. So we are going to have a movie and popcorn time watching the Easter story for kids and then we’ll have the kids kickoff their scavenger hunt. If you don’t have a lot of time to print stuff out and what not take a look at our Easter Advent for the Busy Family. But I must tell ya these Easter story cards are really cute and not only are they focused on Christ but they also weave in some Easter bunny silliness into it all of it.

Feel free to leave out things and adjust to meet the needs of your family.

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Easter story activity for kids

Easter Advent Countdown for Kids

What you’ll need:

Day #1 Palm Sunday!

On a sticky note write this and share it with them at the dinner table or place it on their bed so they can get up and go find it.

Clue #1 I’m cold and sometimes I’m freezing or am I just teasing. Where am I?

Place card with Day #1 on it and an Easter Egg in the fridge with the other eggs.

Discuss it and afterward watch an Easter Story video. There are lots of videos out there we are using the Storykeepers Easter episode. There’s also this one you can watch on Youtube or this one which is one of our favorites. Oh and there’s a Veggie tale one but I can’t remember if it shares the Easter story or if it’s just a good lesson about Easter.

Day #2 Cleansing the Temple

Clue #2  On a sticky note write UNSCRAMBLE this egg! This time place the egg on their bed inside the egg the write each letter of the word BATH TUB on a piece of paper and place it in their egg. If you have more than one child disperse the clues in all three eggs so they will need to come together and unscramble it. If you have little ones then let them know that you’re around to help them out.

Place the card with Day #2 on it.  Read it as a family and discuss it. If you don’t have time to do this in the morning then tell the kids to set the card on the table so we can discuss it at dinner and tell them, “I want you to think about what we’ll learn on this day.”

Easter advent activity for kids

Day #3 Jesus Teaches at the Temple

Clue #3 – On a sticky note write, “I shake, I rattle and I make your clothes roll.” Go find me.

Place this egg on the dryer with clue #3 in it.

Day #4 – A sweet smelling sacrifice.

Clue #4 – I can talk to you. You can hear me. What am I?

Place this egg near your phone.

Day #5 – Maundy Thursday

Clue #5 “You can’t make me but you can taste me.” (hint: You can’t live without me.)

Place this near the sink.

Day #6 Good Friday

Clue #6 – I provide you with more than 5,000 products that people use every day.  What am I? (hint: I’m outside)

Place this clue in a tree.

Activity: We did this Cross Activity with our kids and I think this really helped them grasp the message of cross a bit better.

Day #7 Light in the Darkness

Clue #7 Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the ____?” (hint: John 14:6)

Place this clue near a lamp.

Day #8 Resurrection Sunday

Clue #8 – You will use this morning to make something hot an sweet. What am I?

Place clue #8 in the oven.  And get ready to bake some resurrection rolls to celebrate that Jesus has risen!!! Get the recipe for the resurrection rolls here.

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  1. April 13, 2014 at 1:35 pm #

    Wow! I am so excited that you were able to use the Fairy’s Easter story cards in this awesome post! Thank you for sharing! I have always loved your site!

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      Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by and sharing it on your FB page. When I discovered these cards I had to peruse the rest of your blog and LOVE it. Following you!! ~mari

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