Earth Day Kids Activity: Earth Suncatcher

I love how the sun shines through the turquoise and green earth on this Suncatcher Earth day craft.

Isn’t it a beautiful thing that we celebrate the Earth and all that it has given to us!

You won’t believe what I used to make this? It’s pretty simple supplies and it was easy to put together even your preschooler could do this. Here are some other Earth Day activities we have enjoyed with my preschooler, 2nd grader and 4th grader:

Fruit Flower Pot Snack (semi-healthy)

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Edible Worm and Dirt Pots (not so healthy version)

And if your kiddos like coloring you’ll want to check this one out Earth Day Coloring Sheets (2 options).

earth day activity for toddlers

This one is our most recent activity: Earth Day Puffy Paint Activity! We only used a few ingredients to make the puffy paint.

Earth Day Kids Activity: Earth Suncatcher

  • Paper plate
  • clear contact paper
  • tissue paper
  1. Cut out a circle in the middle of your plate.
  2. Trace that circle onto your contact paper and your blue tissue paper.
  3. Now cut the contact paper circle and leave a couple of cm out so it can adhere to the paper plate.
  4. Peel contact paper and place on paper plate.


  1. Place your blue tissue paper over the sticky side of your contact paper.
  2. Cut out your green tissue paper to resemble the continents at least 2 will fit.
  3. Run some string through the top and hang somewhere you can get sunlight to shine through.


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