3 Must Know Skills Your Child Should Learn by Age 6

There are so many things I want my kids to know that I feel are important in preparing them for being good citizens in our society.  Here are three things from our Mom’s Library link up from last week, that stood out to me as “must know skills” that kids should learn by the age of 6.

3 Must Know Skills Your Kids Should Learn by Age 6

learning emotions

Learning Emotions – Learning to control and express our emotions is a life long process.  But it’s important as our little grow to teach the different emotions so they can begin learning to label them instead of having tantrums. Obviously, you’ll start with age appropriate emotions: sad, mad, happy and from there progress into more in depth emotions like: agitated, anxious, excited… I loved this idea from Where Imagination Grows to help your child start identifying and labeling different emotions using rocks. So clever!


Emergency Knowledge – Another skill that our kids should learn by the age of 6 is to teach them what to do in an emergency. Every human being when faced with a traumatic situation either: fights or flees.  By giving our kids the knowledge on what an emergency is that will help them know better whether to fight or flee. Knowledge is power!  Kids Activities Blog shares Teach Your Kids What to do in an Emergency.

life skills

Life Skills – Lastly, I wanted to share Pragmatic Moms post on 10 Life Skills Kids Need Before They Leave to College. Most of the skills she mentions on this list are things we can teach our children when they are toddlers and continue building on as they get older.

All of the skills I mentioned above I don’t expect my 6 year old to have mastered but I definitely want to expose him to these by the age of 6 and build on them as he grows into a young man.

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