Father’s Day Card {Free Printable}

This Father’s Day Card {Free Printable} turned out really great!  The kids gave it to their daddy the other day because inside it explained his gift that we put together for him, a bike tour through the mountains and it ends in natural thermal pools at the bottom of the mountain, which he is on as I type. Tomorrow he’ll get breakfast in bed from The Tuten Kid’s Café and Mom.

Here’s a blurry picture of our little one, getting ready to give it to dad.


I shared over on Disney a bit about our “Experience Gifts” that we love. Instead of buying each other presents we buy each other “Experiences” you can read more about it here: Forget the Father’s Day Gifts and Give an Experience Instead. Have you received or given an “Experience Gift”? What was it?

fathers day card idea

Here’s our fun card that we gave dad, since our “experience gift” was a cycling trip, he got this cute card. To download this FREE printable, click here:

Father’s Day Card

father's day card 1

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