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If you haven’t gone biking as a family, I highly recommend it.  After our second child was born we decided to become a biking family! For Mother’s day my husband bought me a bike and we invested in a bike trailer since our little ones were still too young to keep up with us.  Since our first ride on Mother’s day we’ve been hooked.

By no means do I consider myself a hardcore rider, but the lovely thing about biking is that there are levels for every type of rider, from the Sunday ride cyclist to the adventurous spirit cyclist.  We have always pretty much stuck to running/bike trails when riding with the kids and we’ve enjoyed it as a family. If you’re not ready to invest in a bike, find a place to rent some in your community to give you an opportunity to have the experience before purchasing some of your own. Also make sure to check out the trail before riding with your little ones. At the end of this article I share all of my tips for family friendly biking adventures.

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We made the mistake of riding down, or should I say riding up and down, the Chaquiñan trail with our children without checking it out first.  It’s a really long and peaceful ride in the valley of Tumbaco, but it’s hilly and a bit challenging for my little ones.  I was proud of my boys for riding for an hour on a hilly trail.

Biking is a wonderful way to spend time together as a family.  Above I gave you a glimpse of some of our family friendly adventures with our little ones, but now I’ll move on to family adventures with the older family members.  When we moved here to Ecuador one of the first trips I planned for my husband was a bike ride for dads and older sons.


Most of the dads didn’t have any of the gear or a vehicle that would be needed to ride down the banks of Cotopaxi Volcano. So I searched online for a company that could help facilitate the trip and I found the Biking Dutchman.  The dads had so much fun that I decided this would be another great gift for Father’s day. I share over on Disney/Babble a little about our new tradition to start giving each other “Experience Gifts” instead of actual presents, so stop by there if you would like some more ideas.

When I was planning this trip I looked up Biking Dutchman again — and to my surprise they updated their payment process, so planning for a large group tour was really easy.  I always dread collecting money from each individual in a large group event. There’s always someone who forgets to pay, who doesn’t do what you ask by the timeline requested …  so it ends up being  a big headache trying to track down each individual.  But this time around, all I had to do was have each person go to their website and pay online themselves, easy peasy. Seriously, with all that I had going on that week it probably would have been a deal breaker if it would’ve involved more organizing on my part.

I hope to take a husband and wife trip at some point this year with my husband.  And when my boys get older and start feeling more comfortable on their bikes, it will be fun to have a father/son trip. It’s the perfect “experience gift” for the family!

“The company is based in Quito, Ecuador just a short drive from the Avenue of the Volcanoes, in the heart of the Andes mountains. From here cyclists have access to a huge diversity of rides ranging from snow-capped, active volcanoes, exhilarating paramo, cloud forest, and jungle paths. Our trails cross hundreds of miles, most completely free of traffic, on unpaved roads and tracks. Of course, the great heights of the mountains make up-hill rides difficult at times. Consequently, we offer our clients the option of cycling tours with little or no uphill riding. Our trusty support vehicles will do the donkey work and get you to the top . . .”

Now for my husband’s point of view (he was one of the riders) of his Quito-Papallacta-Amazon Bike Tour.

We started at the natural hot pools due to the inclement weather and then biked out to the main highway and towards the jungle. I was thankful for the truck that followed behind us since we had a tire blowout.  They also took care of the roadside punctures. Then we got back in the car and rode up to the pass where travelers stop to pay homage to the Virgin Mary and from there we road our bikes towards Pifo and Puembo.

I was very impressed with the lunch that was served: Pasta salad, ginger tea and an amazing brownie.
The Chaquiñan  trail was really nice- we rode through train tunnels with amazing views of the valley, so much better than riding on the highway.  It was fantastic, breathtaking and great to get out of the city.
Now doesn’t that sound divine, resting at the foot of the mountains in hot springs, breathing in fresh air and relaxing away with your buds. They have a variety of trips and price ranges so stop by their website to check out all of their tours!
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Whether you choose to go with a biking tour company or not, I highly recommend you enjoy the mountains in this country. It truly is breathtaking!
When Biking Dutchman heard that we were writing an article about our trip they were so kind to offer a discount in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are those of myself and my husband.
The easiest way to connect with Biking Dutchman is through their website.
Here’s their contact information:
Biking Dutchman Address

Foch # E4-283 y Amazonas
Telf: (593) 2 2568 323 o 2542 806
Cel: 099 4205349
Tel-Fax (593) 2 2541658
Office hours: Mo.- Fr.: 9:30-17:30

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