Mommy & Me Preschool {16 Weeks of Homeschool}

My almost four year old whispered this before I kissed him goodnight, “Jesus, thank you that mama gets to be my teacher.”

Those were the words I needed to hear.  I’ve been staring at our homeschool day schedule for at least an hour and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I’m about to embark a wonderful but challenging road as I set out to homeschool all three of my boys in 4th, 2nd and preschool. I’m excited and I’m a bit nervous.

I was a preschool teacher before I became a counselor.  I loved it! So I’m pretty excited about Mommy & Me preschool lesson planning.  Each week we will hone in on a theme but not necessarily make it the main focus for all of our lessons for that week but I’ll use it more or less as a guide.

I’ll start off our homeschool day with all the boys together at circle time. This is where I’ll touch on things like days of the week, months, telling time, colors, shapes… The fun thing about our circle time is it will be bilingual, every other day I’ll do it in Spanish.

My hope is with a lot of these activities I’ll be able to tie them into some of the subjects for the older boys.  For example, in World History (Sonlight Curriculum) this coming week the older boys will learn about Archaeologist and other types of people who look for artifacts.  So, I’ll be able to tie in Paleontologist and when the older boys are digging for artifacts as Archaeologist my little one will be digging for bones as a paleontologist. I’ll have the older boys pick books like Magic Tree House Series: A Dinosaur Before Dark by Mary Pope Osborne take a look at them here: Magic Tree House Collection: Books 1-8

To make your life easier I made this quick at a glance Preschool Calendar (below to download for free).  I usually brainstorm my ideas by looking at the big picture and then figure out the details in my head. Then I do the research, Pinterest is my homeschool go to resource for the extra activities.  So my printables are designed that way, with a space for the theme, projects you’ll do, books you’ll read (need to checkout from the library) and the letter & number of the week. Of course, if you follow along our Mommy & Me Preschool you’ll get all the details at the end of the week with my son in action enjoying them.

To get your Free Printable Preschool Calendar just follow me one of these ways (I’m doing the honor system here): Pinterest Facebook or Twitter and our readers preferred way via email.  Here you go the free printable! Preschool Homeschool Calendar

homeschool preschool calendar printable

I just LOVE how this Preschool Calendar at a glance turned out! Hope you enjoy it, mine is all filled up for September.

Here’s a peak into this weeks lesson plans. I’ll give you all the details in a later post.  So, I’ll be posting after we’ve completed our week. Follow along for all 16 weeks or come back to get ideas as you wish. Don’t forget the info. below is just a sneak peak come back on the weekend and get all the details of my son in action learning and what we used.

mommy & me preschool

Mommy & Me Preschool {16 Weeks of Homeschool}

Week 1: Dinosaurs

Books we’ll use:

Dinosaur Starts School by Deborah Allwright

Dinosaurumpus by Tony Mitton

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?  by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague
Little Ones Do! by Sally Anne Lambert
I Can Draw Dinosaurs by Terry Longhurst – This book is probably for kids who are a bit older but I’m using it more for the shapes they use in the process of drawing the dinosaurs.

Letter & Number of the Week: 

Letter A

Number 0

Science/Social Studies –  Freeze some dinosaurs in water and have the paleontologist dig them out. Use spray bottles to develop their fine motor skills.


  • Count how many spikes does the dino have? Color and glue the  spikes on a clothespin. Roll the dice and then add the number of spikes to the dino.
  • Dino Sequencing Cards (free printable) -Smallest to Largest
  • Road Number 0

Gross & Fine Motor Skills Through Art, Music & Movement –

Lots of great Dinosaur activities to get the kids moving and creating here.

  • Dinosaur Sensory Play – In a small bin add mud and dinosaurs.
  • Make bones from air dry clay and paint them.
  • We’ll have our own Dinosaurumpus fun and have them dance to music and move around like a dinosaur.
  • Dinosaur prints with paint.

Spanish –  All About Me

Part 1 – All about me! My name is… I am _ years old. I like to… I don’t like… How are you?

Buenos dias song video here

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