12 Days of Christmas: Advent Calendar Free Printable

Christmas Advent Cards

12 Days of Christmas: Advent Calendar Free Printable is my  newest creation!  There’s a bible reading plan, an activity, songs and acts of kindness tied into our day as we celebrate the birth of our Savior! Our advent journey takes us through the reasons why Jesus  needed to come.

I actually made this advent calendar about 4 years ago for my kiddos but I’m finally getting around to making it in pdf form so you can print it out for FREE and enjoy in your casa!

This is what the first ever advent set looked like. I made this with lots of love for my kiddos and I hope your family enjoys it as much as we do.

christmas countdown

One of my first advent calendars started it off with homemade ornaments to hang on a small tree with a verse and activity card (the printed cards didn’t come until a year later).  Then I decided to just make a felt tree and hang the ornaments on the pockets of the tree and place the advent activity cards inside the pockets.

pottery barn christmas countdown

Then once again I changed it up and didn’t use any ornaments. This year I decided to just show our boys the ornaments and just hang the cards on the outside of the tree and tuck the ornaments inside the pockets.

This is a free gift to my Facebook Page or Pinterest followers!  I’m going on the honor system here because I’m still trying to figure out my new subscribing company I just signed up for.

Update: After using this advent calendar for four  years I quickly realized I wanted the freedom to pick a card depending on how busy our day or week has been. So I left the # out for the day on each card so you can fill it in as you see fit.

We do this at dinner time but I usually make sure before dinner that the card for that day is doable for our evening. Then one of my boys picks out the card for the day and then goes to our Advent Felt Christmas Tree and pins it to the pocket for that day.  When we are almost done with dinner either my husband or I read the card and verse.  Depending on how busy our day was or how late it is, we either do all of the activities on the card or just the verse and carol.

I tried to keep everything simple so you can tweak it and make it fit for your family.

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12 Days of Christmas: Advent Calendar

How it works:

update: I’ve come up with two sets of 12 days just in case you only want to do 12 or if you want to do all 24 you can print the second set of cards.

There are 2 or 3 activities on each card:

  1. A reading plan– It goes through different verses in the Bible that talk about why Jesus needed to be come.  When I first started an advent calendar this was my goal for my kids to realize not only that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus but why it’s so significant. So before we read each card we say:  Jesus Needed to Come because…
  2. A song:  A lot of the cards but not all have a song for you to sing.  Most are carols others are Christmas songs that you can just listen to. A few are non-Christmas related songs. As I mentioend above some days we don’t have time for an activity so we just look up the song on YouTube and sing it with the kids.  They LOVE this, maybe because the video provides a visual. I like it because I can’t hold a tune and I’m horrible at remembering the words.
  3. An activity:  After doing this for 4 years my kids have their favorite activities that they can’t wait to do.  These activities are varied from craft, game, activity or just some act of kindness. We love that they are not all focused on them and what they get to do but some are focused on thinking and praying for others.

Feel free to do all three or just focus on the bible reading for that day. Some days we just did the Bible reading and then doubled up on the activity over the weekend.  Our life is really busy so don’t feel bad if you missed a day or if you’re getting started on the 9th of December.  The purpose of this advent calendar is to get us and our kids celebrating our Savior as a family, so don’t fret if you’re behind.  Just jump in when you’re ready.

12 Days of Christmas ADVENTures Part 1

So here’s the free printable just click this link to print it off: Christmas ADVENTures 12 Days of Christmas–Part 1.  I’ll be making Part 2 really soon with 12 more days (see below for part 2).  Part 2 will have 12 more cards for those of you who are committed to going through the 24 days.

12 days of christmas activites

12 Days of Christmas ADVENTures –Part 2

UPDATE: Yay! It’s here! Here’s Part 2 of our Christmas ADVENTures with activities, reading plan and carols to enjoy this season for 24 days!  My hope is that you can use the cards from both part 1 and part 2 so you can pick and choose what fits your family schedule. I know for us sometimes we are getting home late and we don’t have time to bake cookies that day as the card says so this way you can read them ahead and either pick them yourself according to your day.

To download and print off just click here: Christmas Advent Part 2 revised 12 more Days of Christmas Adventures. The theme of each Advent cards is Jesus Needed to Come Because… 

24 days of xmas advent

24 Days of Christmas ADVENTures –all in one place

Update 2015– Yay! Now we have all 24 in one place and some new ones. So I’ve updated our Christmas Adventure cards again.  I’ve added more activities and changed some of the songs and verses plus I’ve put it all on one document so you 24 Days of Christmas Adventures.  Hopefully, next year I can make it an e-book for you all with recipes, activities and links to the songs.
Christmas Adventures 24 days plus extra activity cards can be downloaded now! Go here to download your free copy: Christmas Adventure 24 Days

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